How To Use A Sea Band To Prevent Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness

  How Morning Sickness Is Caused

As everybody knows, morning sickness is closely associated to pregnancy and many women develop this trait from the early days of pregnancy. This is very uncomfortable for the women, and doctors find it uncomfortable too. Medicines cannot be prescribed to the woman as she is carrying and these may cause side effects to her unborn. As a remedy to the nausea in pregnancy, women turn to Sea Bands, which are quite relieving.

Nausea can start in the morning and extend even up to the end of the day. The popular belief that it occurs in the early mornings only, has been proved wrong by many women. And also it can extend to the third trimester even, or confine itself to the first trimester. There is no hard and fast rule to this.

How does it work? A plastic studded elastic band is worn around your wrists, around the pressure points, and this works to prevent nausea. Wear Sea Bands at the right time. It takes at least five minutes for its action to set in. When you get the first feeling of nausea, wear the Sea Band at once to prevent morning sickness. If there is a daily regularity to the nausea, you can wear it just before the usual time it appears to avoid morning sickness. The stud should be worn to the inside of your wrists, and you’ve to fix it properly. The plastic stud has to meet the skin of your wrists just below the palm.

Nausea In Pregnancy

     How Morning Sickness Is Cured

When you position your Sea Bands, you should see that it touches your pressure points. Only this can ensure that the action will result. Use your free hand; place your three middle fingers against your inner wrist. Your ring finger should touch the line that separates your hand and arm. Exactly below your pointer finger is where your Nei Kuan pressure point is located. This is where the plastic stud is to be placed and then you begin applying pressure.

The Sea Bands cannot be worn for long, as they are meant to apply pressure. They become uncomfortable if you wear them for too long. They can be worn as long as you like, provided this does not cause you discomfort. They can be removed an hour after your symptoms subside.

Some Of The Very Early Pregnancy Signs

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

       Pregnancy Days

Often a pregnancy is not noticed until it develops into a first few weeks. The first two weeks of pregnancy are not known even by the women who become pregnant. The bodily changes are mistaken for symptoms of other disorders and ignored by most women. They thus do not know until the third week or so. The very first signs of pregnancy can be seen within two weeks of becoming pregnant, or after ovulation has taken place.

Missed Period Of A Woman

The most evident signs of a woman having become pregnant are the missed periods. Until then, the early pregnancy symptoms are ignored for one reason or the other. Nonetheless, you can be pregnant and be having light or even mild to heavy bleeding. This bleeding is caused by the implantation of the embryo to the uterus. For some women this may continue for a few months after becoming pregnant. The bleeding is taken for normal menstruation. Therefore, this symptom is not reliable either.

Discomfort And Tenderness

As an early pregnancy symptom, you can have pain in your breasts, and they can turn tender. However, this is often confused with the onset of the menstrual cycle, where you get the same symptoms. Some may even have back pain, and body and leg pain. Stomach cramps and leg cramps are often seen in pregnant women. This is also confused with menstrual symptoms. These pregnancy pains and aches are due to hormonal changes that occur in the woman

Change In Bodily Functions

On the onset of pregnancy, women get a craving for food and their appetite increases, considerably. They also develop fatigue and sleepiness. Gaining weight, appetite, sensitivity to smell, and even experiencing enlargement of the breasts, are some of the changes visible in pregnant women. The basal body temperature is often on the increase in pregnant women. Frequent urination can also result.


Morning sickness is one common symptom in most expecting mothers. The belief that it occurs at morning time is now not accepted, for many women now show morning sickness or nausea throughout the day. There can be heartburn, or other symptoms like newly formed aversions or cravings for different foods.

Missed Periods

      Pregnancy Trimester

Emotional problems may surface during this period out of the stress of pregnancy. These do not require any treatment. However, they can persist for long in the form of mood swings or fatigue. Mild to slightly severe depression can also result, which will fade off after pregnancy and so can be left untreated.

The early pregnancy symptoms are often confused with similar symptoms of other diseases. This is why it’s always best to get a doctor to check you out if you think you’ve conceived.

Things To Know About Miscarriage


avoiding miscarriage

The most saddening thing in the life of a couple is the miscarriage of their fetus. It is a great misfortune to lose your child when you are expecting one and you lose it because of some unavoidable reason. Do not be worried and depressed if you have had lost your child during pregnancy, as there is still a chance for you to get pregnant again and bring a new life to the world.

However, if you get pregnant after you have just lost a pregnancy, then you need to be aware of these simple do’s and don’ts; however, there is no guarantee that you will not miscarry in the future, these tips will help you in conceiving a baby and giving birth to it without any miscarriages.

Do Not Smoke

If you are a smoker, then it is best that you stop the smoking so that you can have a good pregnancy period without any complications. If you smoke during pregnancy, there will be a higher chance of losing the pregnancy. There is also a chance for improper development of the fetus if you keep smoking while you are pregnant.

Consume Folic Acid

Researchers have found that consuming folic acid is good for having a good pregnancy without having to worry about miscarriage. Even though there is not much scientific evidence to back the fact, it is known that folic acid will help you to lessen the defects in neural tubes, which is one of the main reasons behind losing a fetus.

Stop Alcohol Consumption

One of the major reasons behind losing the fetus during pregnancy is alcohol consumption. If you are trying to conceive a baby, then make sure that you stay away from drinking, as it is very much bad for the development of your kid.

Do not Drink Caffeinated Drinks

pregnancy period

             miscarriage help

Since studies have proven that high caffeine intake will result in miscarriage, it is better for you to stop drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea and other soft drinks during the period of pregnancy.

Some of the other factors that contribute to miscarriages are, stress and taking a hot bath. Even though it is very soothing to have a hot bath, it increases the chances for neural tube defects, so it is better if you stay out from hot baths. Stress is one of the killer factors that affects pregnancy, so try to stay calm.

About Some Fun Filled Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games

                  baby shower

One of the best things about pregnancy other than the joy of being a mother and bringing a new life to the world are the baby shower games you have at home with peers. The games are done mainly for cheering the would be mom and for making her feel better about herself. It also helps her forget the morning sickness associated with the early weeks of pregnancy. However, you need to include some fun games in the baby shower party for making the party interesting for all who are present. Here we discuss some funny shower games that you can include in your shower party.

Measure My Tummy

One of the main topics of discussion while you are in the baby shower games would be the tummy size of the pregnant women. So why not make this discussion a healthy and funny game. The thought crossed some of our minds and we created a new game, Measure My Tummy. In this game, every guest would be given a length of string and he or she has to guess the girth of the pregnant women. The one that comes to the closest value will be declared as the winner.

Guess Me

This is a fun game involving only the pregnant lady; she is blindfolded and then taken to a table or box filled with baby toys. The woman has to pick up the toys and identify the item.

Tying the Diaper

baby shower party

             shower games

One of the most common baby shower games is the tying diaper game in which the guests are blind-folded first and then each of the guests are given a doll with diaper. They have to remove the diaper and then drape another diaper on the doll. The one that finishes tying the diaper in the shortest time is chosen as the winner.

Pass the Ball

This is by far the best fun shower game ever created. In this game, you need two bowls, some cotton balls and a spoon. The guests are blindfolded one at a time and are asked to transfer the cotton balls from one bowl to the other. Since the cotton balls are so light weighted, the players will not be able to know even if they fall off midway. The winner is the one with most number of cotton balls.

Hope you did get some new ideas for making your baby shower party even more interesting.

How To Get Printable Baby Shower Games Online

Baby Shower Games

Common Baby Shower Games

Entice every guest present with the Printable baby shower games on the special day. You can start with Baby bingo, Word Scramble and many more to fill the baby shower party with fun and enthusiasm. However, make sure that you print off as many sheets as needed so that every single guest gets their share. You can dissolve the party by giving away the gifts for winners.

Printable Baby Bingo baby shower games are the baby theme edition of bingo. You could get the printable Baby Bingo cards from the ‘Plan the Perfect baby shower’ and ‘Babbee Baby showers’ websites. There is a wide range of printable Baby Bingo shower games on the ‘Babbee Baby showers website’. Make sure that you get enough printed copies for all the guests.

Baby Bingo game

You need to cut squares and place it in a bowl. When the game starts, draw a card from the bowl and announce it. The person who gets the five matching squares will be declared as the winner in the Baby Bingo game.

You can try another game as well with Baby Bingo cards.  Select a card with the gift items and distribute it to each of the participants. Make sure that you provide different cards for each player. When you cannot find a winner, take the cards from a hat to declare the Baby Bingo game winner.

Old Wives’ trivia Game

All of us are acquainted with the old wives’ tales. A printed questionnaire with 15 questions about the tales of old wives’ can be downloaded from the ‘Plan the Perfect Baby shower’ website. You can check the answers to the questions using the answer key provided. Inform the guests that they need to answer all the 15 questions. Verify who gets the maximum correct answers to declare the winner.

Word Scramble

Gifts For Winners

Printed Baby Shower Games

Word scramble game is interesting, as the guests are required to unscramble baby related words within the specified time. Obviously, the winner is the one who gets the maximum number of words unscrambled. You need to take the print of the answer sheet to read out the answers when the game is over. Here, guests need to arrive at their scores to choose the winner. Arrange for the guests to select the winner by checking the right answers.

Candy Bar name

The game uses candy bar names that resonate with the baby related terms. You can give the guests clues about the name and allow them to frame as many names, say for instance, within five minutes. The participant with the most number of names wins in the end.

Incorporate fun and excitement into your baby shower games and make the party enjoyable. Encourage guest participation and distribute prizes for winners so that it remains as an indelible experience in the life of the mother-to-be!

Getting To Know The Fertility Calendar

Fertility Calendar

     Regular Menstrual Cycle

To a person who has no knowledge of it, a fertility calendar at first look may not seem to be of any help. Only when you get to understand it do you find out how truly useful it can be. It is a code of science that lets you decide the best time for your fertility period, your conception and your abstinence days. Actually it is looked upon as a calendar that helps to conceive at the intended time. This is pure science.

The calendar helps you to understand the menstrual cycles better, the days when you are experiencing menstrual flow, the number of days, the duration and heaviness or lightness of your flow, the dry days, your basal body temperature, and such other aspects that have relevance to it.

A fertility calendar is only a guide or tool to help conception and not a guarantee or any other artificial method to help conceive. It is in fact a natural method to study your bodily functions and try to find fixes for it. It takes months to study and find a pattern to your menstrual cycle if it is not regular. The calendar provides for you to study which irregularities are inhibiting your conception. The calendar is not for forecasting the happenings during pregnancy. Instead it helps you understand better your reproductive functions.

Ovulation Time

       Basal Body Temperature

The calendar helps you to understand your body better. You are provided with intensive lessons on your body and how it works, because you are given an awareness of how your body works and what it means to conceive. The calendar can only be a guide to help you and your doctor understand the pattern of your menstrual cycle.

Such a calendar is highly scientific and has helped millions of couples around the world to help conceive as per the calculations it details. The calendar shows you the reality check of how many conception sex you had in a week, the irregularity of your menstrual cycle, the delays in your menstrual cycle, and the track of your basal body temperature, accurately showing you the ovulation time and so on.

Get Healthy With Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks

Ways To A Healthy Living

The usual three meals a day is being broken down into five smaller meals a day. This is the latest way of having a healthy diet as has been advised by almost all the nutrition experts. We cannot actually eat five whole meals; hence, it is good to go for snacking. Protein rich snack is the best option. Dieticians suggest nuts and berries to be included in healthy snacks. However, people should be conscious to include healthy portions in the snack.

In today’s fast moving world, time is what all are short of. We must find time to prepare our snack, no matter how busy our schedules are. Hence, it is important to plan things well in advance to ensure that our healthy snack packs are ready, whenever we feel those hunger pangs. It is almost impossible to make a snack while you are busy at work. Planning to make a snack way ahead of starting a day will make life a lot easier.

Find out the snacks that you have in your refrigerator. If all of them are unhealthy, do not go for them; instead, prepare something that is healthy. Go to the grocery store and see what all ingredients you could possibly buy to make that perfect snack. As people just munch onto whatever is readily available to them, it is best to have prepared the snack ahead of time. This is a simple trick to make people eat healthy.

Protein Rich

Many Small Snacks A Day

Have a quick look into what all snacks the local grocer has. Prepare things with nuts, vegetables, berries, yoghurt and any other snack that is protein rich. Find time to separate the snacks into smaller portions. Take them in small throwaway containers to carry them easily to work. By carrying them in throwaway containers, you will have healthy snacks on the go, while you are in the car or in a public transport facility like the metro. Treat yourself with protein rich snacks that fill you up rather than make you want for more.

Have the snack handy so that you can eat it at any point of time. If you feel that the snack is readily available to you, you can just grab it and eat it. Hence, overeating, due to starvation for a long time, can be avoided. This will help you with your healthy diet plans and keep you fit all day long. Include exercise along with a healthy diet to your everyday routine, which is the way to a healthy living.

Symptoms That Develop During Pregnancy

Signs Of Pregnancy

What Are The Signs Of Pregnancy

Signs of pregnancy are plenty and it may vary with each woman. Some may face most of the symptoms while some others just one or two. It is not clearly known what causes pregnancy symptoms.

However, the medical fraternity gives the explanation that during pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes due to hormonal imbalances. The increase in the level of progesterone is responsible for most of the early signs of pregnancy.

Common symptoms of pregnancy

During the initial weeks of pregnancy, the women’s body is subjected to many changes due to the action of progesterone and many other pregnancy hormones. If you pay heed to the changes in the body, you could know if you are pregnant or not.

Check if you are tired than normal. During the initial stages of pregnancy, it is likely that the blood pressure and blood sugar levels fall due to the excess production of progesterone. When both of the vital health indicators drop by an enormous rate, fatigue occurs.

Check if you are sensitive to taste and smell. A few weeks after conception, pregnant women may develop a strong sense of smell. It may lead to uneasiness when they are exposed to certain fragrances and aroma. It is also likely that they undergo changes in food habits.

Hormonal Imbalances

       Common Signs Of Pregnancy

A missed period is one of the most evident signs of pregnancy. You need to wait for a period of two weeks to confirm pregnancy when you go by this symptom. Watch for other symptoms as well. Doctors do not overlook the possibility of delayed periods being a symptom of some kind of hormonal imbalance.

An increase in the basal body temperature for a couple of weeks after conception is another symptom. If you are prone to headaches regularly, it is likely that you are pregnant. Frequent urination and cramps can also occur during the initial stages of pregnancy. However, pay attention to abdominal cramps and these should be addressed at once.

Check for implantation bleeding which develops when the embryo is implanted in the walls of the uterus. Morning sickness incurred by most women during pregnancy may nag them with nausea and vomiting.

Some women are lucky that they do not experience these symptoms during pregnancy. Some may incur a few while others may experience all of the above symptoms. It is wise to conduct a pregnancy test or make an appointment with your doctor to know if you are pregnant or not. Sometimes, a urine test checking the amount of pregnancy hormones can go wrong.

Baby Nursery Ideas For The Boutique Theme

Nursery ideas

      Boutique nursery themes

Often people search for ideas, furniture and themes in their endeavor to make their nursery ideas great.  Boutique theme is one of the new nursery ideas and it has been gaining popularity.  The positive thing about a boutique baby nursery is that the style is timeless. It never goes out of fashion.

Boutique furniture

When the boutique baby nursery is the theme, you need to boutique style furniture. The style is timeless. It never goes out of style. When your new born grows into a kid the colors and fabrics never go out of style. So, if you choose Boutique furniture for your baby nursery the furniture will remain in style even when your baby grows into a kid and perhaps, even into their teens.  When you buy a baby crib, buy a convertible crib, which can be made into a toddler bed and later into a full sized bed. This would turn out to be a huge money saver for you in the long run.  You can get changing tables that can be converted into dressers. For the other furniture in your nursery room you need to go for the dark wood stained brown variety for the boutique look.

Inspiration for boutique themes

The boutique look originated with boutique hotels. That was the beginning of the trend. You can be inspired by a trendy hotel and give your boutique baby nursery that look.  Spend a night at a boutique hotel to take some snaps and get some good ideas.  When you go for making a boutique nursery, match the colors and furniture to the best. To make accessories to the baby boutique room, take inspiration from the hotel room and make baby versions of it.  The baby nursery should have all the best features of the boutique room plus a bit of your own ideas.

Prints and patterns for baby nursery 

Boutique look

         Boutique nursery furniture

If you have been just been expecting  a new born  and do not know the sex of the baby, then the prints and patterns for the nursery can be of neutral colors like yellow or green. Boutiques prints and styles often come in the gender neutral appearance. Sky blue and pinks are associated with specific genders and should be avoided. Prints of polka dots and stripes can be used for a baby boy or a baby girl.

The baby nursery should have this boutique theme with all its details.

Few Important Facts About Miscarriages


     Miscarriage – Facts And Causes

There are numerous reasons behind a miscarriage. Though there can be many probabilities, the initial assumptions might not be that accurate. Miscarriages can happen due to physical conditions or accidents like falling down etc. Therefore, only a professional doctor will be able to tell what actually went wrong. The facts given below will tell you more about miscarriages.

Miscarriages, facts and causes

There is no way to stop a miscarriage if it is really bound to happen. If the bleeding becomes profuse, it can be taken as a clear indication that the baby has almost died. This is indeed a really stressful and sad situation for any carrying mother. As per medical records, it is found that there will be one abortion out of every ten normal pregnancies. In addition to that, out of every four woman, one will have at least one case of abortion at some point of time.


Usually, the reason behind 60% of most premature miscarriages remains unexplained. In such cases, the reasons like chromosome defects, immunity disorders, blighted ovum, molar pregnancy etc. can be roughly diagnosed. While talking about miscarriage, we cannot ignore the influence of hormones. There are chances of miscarriages to occur in a period of less than 10 weeks due to hormone problems.

Low progesterone levels can be accounted as a symptom for a miscarriage, and not actually the cause for it. There are some cases where doctors provide prescriptions for progesterone supplements. This is given only if the patient’s hormone levels become low. However, the usage of progesterone supplements remains as an area of debate among many doctors.

Chromosome Defects

    Reasons Behind A Miscarriage

There are chances for chromosomal defects when the sperm and egg merge to form the first cell. Even if both the sperm and egg have perfect chromosomes, some of the initial cell divisions can be quite devastating. This is why chromosome defects can kill a newly fertilized egg, which in turn accounts for almost 60% of abortions.

Physical problems with the cervix and uterus can also cause miscarriages. There are women with uterus that is not in the natural form. Some women will have problems with a weakened cervix due to numerous D&C procedures. It can also happen if the mother had taken DES while she was carrying.

Apart from the above-mentioned causes, age, infections and chronic diseases can also account for miscarriages. Are you a carrying mother? Then getting a thorough medical checkup will help you to have a happy pregnancy period.