Things To Know About Miscarriage


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The most saddening thing in the life of a couple is the miscarriage of their fetus. It is a great misfortune to lose your child when you are expecting one and you lose it because of some unavoidable reason. Do not be worried and depressed if you have had lost your child during pregnancy, as there is still a chance for you to get pregnant again and bring a new life to the world.

However, if you get pregnant after you have just lost a pregnancy, then you need to be aware of these simple do’s and don’ts; however, there is no guarantee that you will not miscarry in the future, these tips will help you in conceiving a baby and giving birth to it without any miscarriages.

Do Not Smoke

If you are a smoker, then it is best that you stop the smoking so that you can have a good pregnancy period without any complications. If you smoke during pregnancy, there will be a higher chance of losing the pregnancy. There is also a chance for improper development of the fetus if you keep smoking while you are pregnant.

Consume Folic Acid

Researchers have found that consuming folic acid is good for having a good pregnancy without having to worry about miscarriage. Even though there is not much scientific evidence to back the fact, it is known that folic acid will help you to lessen the defects in neural tubes, which is one of the main reasons behind losing a fetus.

Stop Alcohol Consumption

One of the major reasons behind losing the fetus during pregnancy is alcohol consumption. If you are trying to conceive a baby, then make sure that you stay away from drinking, as it is very much bad for the development of your kid.

Do not Drink Caffeinated Drinks

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Since studies have proven that high caffeine intake will result in miscarriage, it is better for you to stop drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea and other soft drinks during the period of pregnancy.

Some of the other factors that contribute to miscarriages are, stress and taking a hot bath. Even though it is very soothing to have a hot bath, it increases the chances for neural tube defects, so it is better if you stay out from hot baths. Stress is one of the killer factors that affects pregnancy, so try to stay calm.