A List Of Teenage Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms

common pregnancy symptoms

Teenage pregnancy symptoms are quite similar to the symptoms of pregnancy found in adult women. It is important to consult the doctor to provide the right kind of prenatal care for the child once you feel the early symptoms of pregnancy.

Common symptoms in teenage pregnancy

Nausea and changes in appetite are noticed during pregnancy. Morning sickness characterized by nausea and vomiting could be an early symptom. Often, morning sickness is caused while inhaling unpleasant odors. Most pregnant women lose appetite and experience severe dislike for certain foods. In certain cases, pregnant women may feel a craving for specific foods as well. Many may feel hungrier than normal during the early pregnancy period.

Other symptoms may include fatigue, dizziness and mood swings because of reduction in the blood pressure level. There may be changes in the blood sugar level as well. Headaches and back pain are common in pregnancy period as there is an increase in the hormonal level in the body. The signs of pregnancy may last for the entire period or may disappear after the initial weeks.

Body aches can also signal pregnancy. Changes in the estrogen hormone level contribute to this symptom. In some other instances, pregnant women may experience pain in the feet due to the additional body weight.

teenage pregnancy

Signs of pregnancy

There will be increase in the basal body temperature because of the ovulation and will remain higher for a quite long period. If you have an elevated body temperature and if it lasts up to a period of two weeks, it may show that you are pregnant.

Increase in the progesterone hormone levels can bring in many changes. Missed period is one of the significant and early symptoms of conception. Some women may experience cramping during the initial weeks of pregnancy and it can even extend to the entire pregnancy period. It may be absent in many other instances.

Health risks in teenage pregnancy

As per the research by Mayo Clinic, pregnant teenagers are at a high risk to develop complications than adult women. Expecting teenagers who are below 15 are likely to develop anemia while pregnancy. They also run the risk of delivering prematurely. Pregnant teenagers are likely to deliver babies with low birth weight.