Few Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Early pregnancy symptoms

Some early pregnancy symptoms

It is obvious that a urine or blood test can prove whether the woman is pregnant or not. However, most women may experience a number of early pregnancy symptoms. Let us check the early symptoms during pregnancy that is experienced for the whole or initial trimesters.

Signs of pregnancy

  • Women may experience severe dizziness and fatigue during pregnancy. It starts from the initial period of pregnancy and may extend to the whole period.
  • Pregnant women may experience nausea and vomiting which is often referred to as morning sickness. Usually, this symptom may appear in the early hours of morning. However, some women may experience these symptoms throughout the whole day and it may extend up to the entire period of pregnancy.
  • Some may feel giddiness and fainting due to the dilation of the blood vessels. It can be typically caused due to changes in the blood glucose level and the blood pressure level.
  • Headaches and lower backaches are common among expecting mothers. It may appear during the initial stages and may withdraw after a few weeks.


One of the most common symptoms during pregnancy is cramping of legs and feet. The symptoms may include sharp pains and spasms that can extend to the calf or arch of the foot. Cramps happen during the end of the day or while taking rest. You can get rid of the spasm by massaging the area and making the muscles to stretch out to relieve the pain. In certain cases, women may experience mild cramping in the lower pelvic area. They usually come with a dull pain in the pelvic region and resemble the period cramps. Sometimes there will be only mild pain.

signs of pregnancy

Common early pregnancy symptoms

Even though ligament cramping can be harmless, if the symptoms persist for a very long period, it is better to consult the physician. Mild cramping does not require to be addressed; however, abdominal cramping can lead to an emergency and hence needs to be monitored. A contracted uterus due to abdominal cramping needs to be addressed as it may lead to further complications. Sometimes it may cause internal bleeding too. Cramps may also accompany symptoms like headache and breathing difficulties. Pregnant women experiencing frequent cramping should seek the help of the doctor at once.

These are some of the early pregnancy symptoms that pregnant women experience. Mild symptoms like headache, nausea and vomiting may disappear after the initial stage, but more dangerous symptoms like cramps should be immediately addressed.