Stylish fall outfits for ladies with wider hips

Stylish fall outfits for ladies with wider hips
Stylish fall outfits for ladies with wider hips

After we have enjoyed the summer and its wonderful moments, it is time to think about the coming season - autumn. We need to do an audit of our wardrobe and evaluate what to leave, what to get rid of and what we need to buy. However, the specifics of our body make this task more difficult. Broader shoulders, a fuller bust, a wide waist or hips - these are all features of our figure that we would like to hide or emphasize, thus creating an optical balance and a more harmonious looking body. What clothes can we choose and how to combine them if we have wider hips?

Check out some stylish ideas to help you enter the new season with more confidence:

The one-third rule

This is a way to visibly lengthen the silhouette, especially its lower part. Mentally divide your body into 3 parts - choose your clothes so that the bottom part is 2/3 and the top part is 1/3. For example - instead of a tunic that covers your thighs, choose a short blouse (with a length around the navel) paired with long, wide trousers.

Wear "inconspicuous" high shoes

If you are not a tall woman, a wider hip can further shorten your silhouette. You will further increase this unwanted effect if you try to cover it up. When choosing what clothes to wear, don't forget to match your outfit with the right shoes! In the hectic everyday life, we women tend to choose convenience and practicality, especially when we become mothers. However, passing by chance in front of a window and seeing the reflected image can directly bring us back to reality - we have become too careless about our appearance.Don't let your favorite pair of high heels gather dust! Choose a model that is not noticeable under the pants - this way you will lengthen the leg line by 15-20 centimeters! Choose pointed shoes and cover them with wide leg pants.

Learn style from the stars

When we talk about celebrities of the fairer sex, images of the perfect women pop into our minds – they are tall, thin, have perfect faces, shiny skin and hair. However, in reality, this is not the case at all. In addition to the best and quality foods, several personal trainers and a whole retinue of hairdressers and hairdressers, these ladies have the latest apparatus procedures and, last but not least, photoshop to help them. Choose your favorite star and borrow ideas from her style. Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Shakira, Kim Kardashian - these are all ladies whose measurements are far from model, but nevertheless, they are always in the spotlight, knowing how to take advantage and proudly show what they have gifted by nature.Here are some numbers to prove it - Mrs. Affleck is just over 167 cm tall and weighs about 54 kilograms; Beyoncé Knowles is 170 cm and weighs 56 kilograms, and Kim Kardashian is 157 cm and weighs 53 kilograms.

Outfit Ideas

Long A-line skirt. Choose such a model in brown color - let it be cinched in at the waist and fall freely down. Pair with a navel-length blouse in a lighter tone (eg red) and not-too-high shoes appropriate for the season. A brighter blouse will draw attention away from your lower body. You can also choose other color combinations - but follow the rule - let the lower part of the body be in a neutral color - white, black, nude and a bright upper part.

Short jacket (biker type) with trousers or wide leg jeans - the principle of this outfit is the same as the above - only here the jacket can be in black and the trousers - in a lighter tone. Pair with pointed toe shoes (a combination that JLo often wears).

White shirt and black trousers – this classic combination can greatly improve the way you look. Let the shirt be neither too tight nor too loose. Tuck it into the pants (let them be wide). You can wear with both high and low shoes.

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