How to make children financially literate in the form of play and fun

How to make children financially literate in the form of play and fun
How to make children financially literate in the form of play and fun

At the beginning of the school year, Fibank (First Investment Bank) and Mastercard present their new joint project - a digital game platform between parents and children Ninjiro (Ninjiro), which develops the financial literacy and promotes social responsibility.

Ninjiro is an application in Viber environment that provides fun online communication between parents and children, setting tasks and goals, reporting the child's achievements and rewarding with payment points for a selection of vouchers. Children over the age of 7 can now easily and quickly receive digital "payment" for the fulfillment of tasks set by the parent and choose for themselves what to invest the earned funds in through the application.

With Ninjiro, completing tasks is interesting and fun. Studies show that in Bulgaria Viber is the most used medium for parent-child communication and it is for this reason that the application was built there. Ninjiro facilitates and creates he althy habits in the family.

The platform is also unique with the element of social responsibility - for the first time the points accumulated by the child can not only be used to actually purchase a voucher from Ozone and eMAG, but also be invested in various causes - planting a tree and beehive support through the Istinski med platform. In this way, Ninjiro meets the demands of the new era of social activism expected by young consumers. Those born after the digitization boom (the so-called digital natives) demand real commitments and actions from companies - 77% of them believe that global brands have a greater potential to bring about positive change than governments, and 84% believe that only responsible companies must make a profit.Social activism is the "next big thing" - we are already moving from the "era of corporate responsibility" and donations to the "era of sustainability" in which digital innovations are bound to solve and facilitate the person in his real situation.

The name Ninjiro was chosen specifically to suit its purpose – translated from Japanese it means “to assign another person to do a task “.

“The role of a multi-infrastructure company like Mastercard is to look ahead to the future and develop innovations that will one day become an indispensable part of people's daily lives. We invest in the development and implementation of faster, easier and more convenient self-service in various situations, possible thanks to card payments, digital identity, cyber security. In large supermarkets in Sofia, there are already self-service checkouts, where children help their parents get used to self-checking, simply because for them it is intuitive and expected.With Ninjiro, parents have the opportunity to help their children set goals, keep their promises and earn payment points in a fun way, which not only invest in items, but also do something good," shared Vanya Manova, Regional Mastercard manager for Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

„ Taking care of building a financial culture at an early age is a constant priority for Fibank. Over the years we have offered debit cards for children and teenagers, which have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from them and their parents. We have upgraded their capabilities while maintaining their high security and attractive conditions," said Mr. Nikola Bakalov, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of First Investment Bank.

Project partners are Rakuten Viber, RoboLabs, DigitalKidZ and Parents Association.

Fibank customers can also take advantage of the new BackToSchool promotion: for every child or teen Mastercard debit card issued, they receive as a gift a payment accessory and the opportunity to participate in the following prizes - 10 wireless headphones every week, and in at the end of the campaign five people will grab a smart watch with paywatch function.Promotion runs until October 9, 2022

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