How your life will change after giving birth

How your life will change after giving birth
How your life will change after giving birth

Pregnancy is one of the most joyful periods in a woman's life. It is filled with anticipation, trepidation and plans for the future. Watching the development of the fetus day after day and being able to communicate with the little being inside, before it has even appeared, fills a mother's heart. It seems that nature has prepared the woman for what follows - childbirth. But is it really so? Although we carry the child inside us for nine months, childbirth and what follows after it is a process in which we, women as well as men, learn what to do. And despite the innate maternal instinct, the postpartum period can be challenging for each of us.

“How will my life change?”, “Will I have time for myself?”, “Will I be able to continue seeing girlfriends? ", these are questions that every woman asks herself. In the following lines, we will try to answer some of them.

You will be busier

Think you're busy? Think again! Once your little one comes along, you'll know the true meaning of that word! Sometimes even a simple task like painting your nails can be almost impossible. Enjoy the period of pregnancy - read more, go out with friends, watch all the episodes of your favorite series. Soon these simple hobbies may turn out to be a mirage.

You will make new friends

At first it may be strange for you, but suddenly you can get closer to complete strangers. A walk in the park can be the beginning of a new friendship. Talking about diapers, formula, and baby sounds can be the bridge that connects you with women you have nothing in common with at first glance. Take advantage of this opportunity to share, exchange experiences, this way you will be able to unload and feel understood by others.

Your link will change

There will be a new person in your relationship - this means less time for you as a couple. Don't accept the child as something that separates you - just realize that the word "we" now has a different meaning. Your heir is not an intruder who comes to stand in your way as a couple. Although a real challenge for your relationship, the child is actually the missing piece of the puzzle called family. Enjoy the moments together, try to organize a meeting with your partner at least once a week - go out to a movie or a restaurant, talk about you and your life. You will see how you will appreciate these short moments much more, realizing how precious you are to each other.

You will need help

In the beginning, you will try to prove to yourself that you can handle everything on your own. And most likely this will be the case! Although called the "weaker sex", we women undoubtedly possess superpowers, especially once we become mothers. However, try to relax every now and then.Accept help if offered. You must realize that in order to take care of your child, you must first take care of yourself. Give yourself small joys - a short walk, a few pages of a favorite book or a cup of aromatic coffee. And don't forget the golden rule: "Happy mom=happy baby".

You will need to 'talk' to your baby

Remember that when you talk to your baby, two very important things happen - the baby learns, and your bond with him grows stronger. The more you practice this form of communication, the stronger this bond will become. Explain to your baby what you are doing and what things are around him, even if it sounds crazy at first glance.

You will make mistakes

Maybe in an ideal world there are ideal parents… But in real life there is one rule: "Do what is good in your case". If your baby is already grown, but still wants a pacifier because it helps him calm down and sleep - give it to him and accept your "mistake".Forget about the unwritten rules and recommendations from maternity forums. If you still have any concerns – you can always talk to your pediatrician.

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