How to deal with the stress of motherhood? Advice from psychologists

How to deal with the stress of motherhood? Advice from psychologists
How to deal with the stress of motherhood? Advice from psychologists

Giving birth and raising a child is a "task" that may turn out to be one of our most challenging in life. There is an opinion in society that it is "inherent" for women to be mothers - the truth is that we also learn parenting - just like fathers.

Pregnancy is a period in which we seem to be preparing for what follows, but in fact we have no way of knowing exactly what awaits us before it happens. Motherhood requires physical and mental transformation. In this period, the woman has to literally turn over both her daily regime and the rhythm of relations with people - with relatives, relatives, friends, even with her husband. In addition to a change in their surroundings, women also undergo a change in themselves.It has been scientifically proven that a woman's brain undergoes major changes after she gives birth, which is also the reason for her personal transformation. We've all heard the expression, "She's never the same after she gives birth" - now there's scientific evidence to prove that statement to be true. In this whole complex process, the woman often suffers from a loss of identity, having to combine the care of the home, the husband, the child… and herself. Motherhood is wonderful, but it can also be stressful.

What can we do to give ourselves at least some of the love and attention we give to our loved ones? We will offer you some advice from psychologists.

Live in the present

Constantly thinking about what might (or might not) happen in the future can be endlessly exhausting. Moreover, they deprive you of the ability to see the beauty of the present moment. Live in today. For a moment, leave the thoughts of the future.Accept that it's okay if your house is messy, accept that it's okay if you have dishes to wash… Take a deep breath, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy your time with the kids!

Say goodbye to guilt

Motherhood often comes with expectations of how things "should" be and how you always "should" be with your children… How everything "should" be done by you. Let go of those unrealistic expectations! You are the best mom! Be kinder to yourself - although it's hard at first, after a while you'll notice that you feel better and your relationships with family members have improved.

Take care of yourself

There is an old maxim: "Mothers don't have time, they steal it" - find an opportunity and spend at least an hour a day for yourself. And don't forget - you can't give something you don't have - that's why give yourself love, care and attentionThis will make you better for others and yourself.

Share the responsibility

According to another old saying: "It takes a village to raise a child" - this is still true today. Learn to delegate and share responsibility and the stress that comes with it with your partner. Don't be shy to say, "I need help" to your loved ones and friends. People who truly love you will be happy to help you - in any way they can. Leave the child with a friend for an hour or ask your relatives to help you with the household.

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