Make a wish and see when it comes true

Make a wish and see when it comes true
Make a wish and see when it comes true

Everyone has at least one wish that they would think of at this moment. We are curious when it will come true and whether we will have any reason to rejoice at all. In front of you is the wish wheel. Think of a wish, then choose a number from the wheel. What's behind it?

1. You have to let go of some things that stand in your way and then everything will happen by itself. Concentrate your thought on your daily tasks, other goals you have set for yourself. Engrossing yourself in your desire prevents it from coming true.

2. Be patient! A little more patience and your wish will come true.

3. To achieve your goal, you need to step out of your comfort zone. Remember that life is movement! And movement is a success!

4. Are you sure about your wish? It will come true if you stop resisting fate!

5. In one week your wish will be granted.

6. You will get what you want when you stop wanting it. Yes, there is no logic in this. Channel your energy into other positive events around you.

7. The fulfillment of your dream may be delayed. Reassess your priorities and think again if it's worth the wait. You can ask the wheel of wishes for another wish of yours.

8. Some more! Expect results!

9. You need to calm your pride, your ego and maybe talk less about what you want to happen to you.

10. Your wish will come true this month.

11. Don't complain about fate. The universe knows best what is the best time to grant your wish.

12. Your wish may already be coming true, but you don't notice. Step by step, any signs you fail to catch and move things forward. Think.

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