Autumn Equinox on September 23 - truths will be revealed

Autumn Equinox on September 23 - truths will be revealed
Autumn Equinox on September 23 - truths will be revealed

On September 23rd the autumn equinox awaits us. It brings a turning point in the astrological year as energy begins to shift into a new direction. Things are starting to change, develop and grow in a new direction.

The equinox is something that occurs with the change of seasons. Whether we live in the northern or southern hemisphere, we will all feel this change, of course in our own lives. Some things need to be released, while others we will start to flourish.

We know what we need to expand and what we need to shrink. The Fall Equinox will offer us a clearer perspective on what is most important to us, what we would like to spend our energy on.

If we are currently feeling out of balance or want to merge with the energies of the Earth, nature walks can be incredibly harmonizing and recharging with positive energy.

The September Equinox is also the beginning of Libra season This is the zodiac sign that is strongly associated with finding our balance and the flow between giving and receiving in our lives. Libra also represents itself in the other. Now we can ask ourselves if we like who we are, especially when we are surrounded by certain people.


Are there certain relationships that are just fun, that remind us of the joy we have? Are there relationships that are one sided or ones that we need to maintain to stay professional or keep the peace to avoid conflict?

We must not forget that relationships are very often our greatest teachers. We need them to thrive, but also to find out who we really are.

During the Fall Equinox in 2022, there will be six major planets in retrograde. This reminds us even more to think about where and how we give our energy, but also how to recharge ourselves with positivity. On the day of the equinox, Mercury, which is retrograde, aligns with the Sun, joining it. This is a powerful energy that can bring us more clarity, to surface some things that have been in the shadows until now.

Buddha said: “Three things cannot be hidden for long: the Sun, the Moon, and the truth.”

If you are looking for answers about anything in your life, and especially relationships, be observant for the signs that the equinox will give you.

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