10 tricks to remove stretch marks

10 tricks to remove stretch marks
10 tricks to remove stretch marks

Stretch marks are one of the most unpleasant problems that can affect the skin. They appear for various reasons - changes in weight, hormonal disturbances, pregnancy, due to genetic characteristics of the skin. They can affect different parts of the body, especially the thighs, buttocks, waist, abdomen, chest, arms.

They usually appear as whiter and fine lines on the skin, but they can also be red-purple in color. They are not affected by the sun like he althy skin with an intact structure, but remain whiter in color and are still visible. This can be really embarrassing for many people and can lower their self-esteem.

How to make stretch marks less visible using home remedies?

1. Argan Oil

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, which increases skin elasticity. Rubbing argan oil into areas with stretch marks or areas where they could potentially appear reduces their visibility. Massage regularly with argan oil in the morning and evening on the areas with stretch marks.

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is known for its whitening properties. It clarifies skin tone, stimulates cell renewal and erases imperfections. It owes these properties to the citric acid and vitamin C in its composition, which have a powerful antioxidant and whitening effect. Rub fresh lemon juice twice a day on the areas affected by stretch marks.

3. Egg white

Egg whites are very high in protein and amino acids. They are superfoods for the skin. Regular application of egg white on the skin increases its elasticity and helps to erase stretch marks or at least reduce their visibility while tightening the skin.

4. Potato juice

Potatoes are very rich in starch and enzymes. In combination, they have the property of clarifying the complexion, lightening the skin and affecting pigment spots and stretch marks. Apply fresh potato juice regularly on the stretch marks in a circular motion in the morning and evening.

5. olive oil

Olive oil is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to these, it also supplies valuable antioxidants that fight inflammation in the skin and tissues. Olive oil has the ability to restore damaged tissues and affect cell division and regeneration.

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