How to make damaged hair revive?

How to make damaged hair revive?
How to make damaged hair revive?

Hair is one of the most beautiful female "accessories". Unfortunately, however, it can be damaged very easily. If you use hair dye, heating devices for drying, curling and straightening, if you wash your hair too often with aggressive products, all this affects it badly and leads to damage.

In order to improve the appearance, texture and density of your hair, it is important to consider some factors that affect its condition. Answer the following questions.

What texture is your hair?

Not all hair is created equal. Some types of hair are harder and coarser, others are soft and delicate, break easily and are damaged by minimal influences. For example, coarser hair can tolerate more heat than soft and fragile hair with fine, easily broken hair.It is important to determine your hair type and texture so that you are aware of how much and how you can shape, style, color and heat your hair.

Does coloring damage your hair?

Dyeing your hair damages it. No matter what dye you use - ammonia or ammonia-free, even henna, the hair suffers, but in a different way. The chemicals in hair dyes penetrate the hair and change its structure, making it vulnerable. Ammonia dyes are the most aggressive, but the others also have their negative effects on the hair. The more often you use dye and the more aggressive it is, the greater the risk of hair damage.

What hairbrush do you use?

Not all hairbrushes are created equal. Each of them affects the hair in a different way. Brushes with natural bristles have a gentler effect on the hair, while brushes with coarse metal or plastic bristles pull the hair, break it, pull it out from the root and ultimately cause severe damage.It is important to match the selection of a hair brush to your needs according to the type of hair. This will reduce damage and stimulate growth.

Do you use shampoo every day?

Daily use of washing products dries out the skin, even if they have a hydrating effect. Frequent hair washing washes away its natural protective oils, making it more vulnerable, damaging it and making it dry and prone to breakage. Even if you use shampoo for daily use, it damages your hair and breaks its structure.

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