How beeswax makes the skin more beautiful and he althy

How beeswax makes the skin more beautiful and he althy
How beeswax makes the skin more beautiful and he althy

Choosing cosmetics to care for our skin, we increasingly pay attention to the ingredients in it. We like the innovative solutions of dermatological laboratories, but we also look for natural ingredients.

Beeswax is a natural, organic substance that is "produced" by honey bees and has a number of benefits when used on the skin. It is a popular ingredient in skin and hair care products. Cold beeswax is hard and breaks easily. When heated, it has a much softer, malleable texture.

The product is also suitable for chewing, but under the supervision of a specialist, as it is believed to help detox the body, boost immunity, improve digestion and more.

How does it help the skin to be more beautiful and he althy?

Beeswax is a popular ingredient in cosmetic formulas. It has a lovely mild scent but most importantly it helps keep the skin moisturised leaving it soft and smooth. It is often used in body and face creams, face masks, lotions, makeup, scrubs, lip balms, heel balms, even soaps.

It is a great care for any type of skin and especially for the drier one, as instantly hydrates and makes its texture elastic.

Beeswax is believed to act as a protective barrier between the skin and any environmental stressors.

Does not clog pores,while nourishing the skin allows it to breathe.

But good hydration and moisturizing are not the only benefits of beeswax, as it is also a great exfoliant and helps to eliminate dead skin cells, thus helping to rejuvenate our skin.

Combined with natural oils or other super ingredients, this natural product created by bees also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles,as well as improve the condition of existing ones.

Beeswax is also known for its anti-bacterial properties and is believed to benefit acne-prone problem skin as well as help heal damaged skin.

It is rich in vitamin A,which promotes cell regeneration. The anti-inflammatory properties of the wax are believed to make it a suitable care even for sensitive skin, as well as those with eczema.

It is rich in fatty acids, essential oils, vitamins, carotenoids and other useful substances.

Caution! Before any kind of use of beeswax, consult a specialist.

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