When should you throw out your foundation sponge?

When should you throw out your foundation sponge?
When should you throw out your foundation sponge?

The application of foundation with fingers is not even and therefore this technique is not preferred by makeup artists. It is more suitable at home, but if you want to achieve an even application, like from a professional, it is better to use a foundation sponge or the so-called beautyblender.

Most makeup is applied using an application tool. Mascara is applied with a brush, eye shadows with an applicator, nail polish with a brush, lipstick has its own special packaging that allows precise application on the lips. However, the foundation can be applied both with fingers and with an applicator or a special sponge for this purpose.These sponges are reusable, which creates conditions for retaining bacteria, makeup residue, skin cells, sebum.

What are the signs that it's time to replace your foundation sponge?

Your beauty blender has a bad smell

Even though you regularly wash your foundation sponge with warm water and soap, it still started to emit an unpleasant smell. This is a sure sign that you should throw it away and get a new one. Otherwise, you risk infecting your skin with bacteria.

You have used the sponge for more than three months

Even if you don't use the sponge daily, you should keep in mind that they soak up the foundation. Despite their thorough washing, there is a high probability that traces of liquid foundation will remain on it. It is not recommended to use a foundation sponge for more than three months.

You suddenly get pimples


If you haven't had problem skin before, one possible cause of breakouts is a foundation sponge. It holds bacteria, dead skin cells, sebum, dirt, which can infect the skin and create conditions for acne.

The sponge has stains that cannot be washed

If your sponge cannot be washed despite your best efforts, replace it. This means that deep dirt remains on it, which cannot be washed off.

The mushroom has visible injuries

If the sponge is visibly injured and has a destroyed structure, then it is time to replace it. This makes it not only harmful to your skin, but it will not be optimally useful for your makeup application. It can leave marks on the face from poorly applied foundation, and you wouldn't want that.

Your sponge has flattened

Foundation sponges have this characteristic shape for a reason. It was created so that makeup can be applied as well as possible. If the sponge has lost its shape, it's time to replace it.

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