Easy tricks to enlarge small eyes

Easy tricks to enlarge small eyes
Easy tricks to enlarge small eyes

Eyes are the first thing others notice about you. They are the window to the world through which you look and which draws eyes to you. They are one of the most powerful means of expression a person possesses. That is why small eyes bother many women. Since the eyes are an expression of femininity, soulfulness, character, they have a special radiance. To emphasize this radiance, it is important to know how to take care of your eyes and how to make them up so as to optically enlarge them and emphasize them properly.

When eyes are big and shining, it makes you an attractive person.To help your eyes shine and look good, first of all, try to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep causes dark circles around the eyes, bags, saggy skin, which together make small eyes even smaller.

Keep hydrated Don't forget to drink enough fluids. This improves the appearance of the skin around the eyes. Water plays a major role in whether you'll be puffy and your skin will look unhe althy. The better hydrated you are, the fresher your eyes look. Dehydration causes puffiness in the area around the eyes, further shrinking them.

Use an eye cream. It keeps the skin in this delicate area well hydrated, radiant, he althy and elastic. Moisturize your eyes every morning and night. This will also have a beneficial effect on the skin around the eyes, smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, and improve the appearance of the eyes.

Exercise regularly. Good motor activity has a positive effect not only on the body and figure, but also on the skin. Regular training improves the texture and strength of the skin, stimulates the reaching of nutrients to every point of it, which improves its appearance. Do exercises for the muscles of the face and around the eyes as well. They help to maintain the tone of the facial muscles and prevent the early appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Makeup Tricks That Help Make Small Eyes Big


Use concealer to cover pigmentation, dark circles, bags under the eyes. They are a consequence of stress, lack of sleep, long working days, internal he alth factors. Dark circles make the eyes look even smaller than they are. Use concealer to make the eyes pop.

Apply the concealer under and around the eyes to fully cover the affected areas. This will give a flawless base for your makeup that will help your eyes pop.

Apply eyeshadow to the outer corner only

If you have small eyes it is important to use this enlargement trick. Apply shadows only on the outer part of the eyelid. This is how you make the eye stand out and look optically larger. Dark, brown, purple or earth tones in the corners of the eyes give more prominence, volume and sharpness to the look.

Well shaped eyebrows

They are part of the overall vision of the eye. Shape your eyebrows well. Let them be thickly highlighted, not thin. Be careful not to line them too thick, as this will have the opposite effect. Stick to their natural shape and thickness.

Curl the eyelashes

Well-curved and defined eyelashes instantly add volume to the eyes. They make the look sharper and more attractive.

Use eyeliner

You can play around with shadows and highlights to give more size and volume to the eyes. Use black eyeliner and light shadows on the edges of the eyes. This makes the eyes bolder, voluminous, prominent and bigger.

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