How to win the battle with wrinkles?

How to win the battle with wrinkles?
How to win the battle with wrinkles?

I am 35 years old. City girl. I am an active young woman who tries to eat he althy, exercise, take care of herself and work at the same time. This age is the time when I, like most women at this stage of life, take a closer look at my skin. I don't want to accept the fact that my skin is starting to show its first signs of aging My girlfriends and I are on the same page. We talk about anti-aging procedures, cosmetics. We wish we could stop time. And weather is not the only factor that deteriorates our skin.

We don't realize how daily stress can accelerate the aging process.The polluted environment in the big city, the UV-rays of the sun, atmospheric conditions are among the harmful factors that are painfully known to us. However, the more I am interested in the topic, the more I understand how many things in my life have a bad effect on my skin and make it age faster.

Let's take, for example, nutrition. And I, like many women, try to follow the principles of he althy eating. I make sure the portions are balanced. I include he althy foods rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. I do it every day of the week, but the weekend comes and… Well, we know how hard it is to turn down a piece of cake your mom welcomes you with or a burger with a glass of beer out with friends.


However, these little joys in life have an adverse effect on the skin. They cause oxidative stress, which is one of the biggest enemies of radiant, young, vibrant and elastic skin.

Forgot to add the sleep deprivation. Girls, admit to yourself how many days of the week you managed to go to bed on time. When was the last time you were in bed before 12pm? Day and night really isn't enough to do all the things we have to or just want to do.

After a long day at work, we want to go for a walk, see friends, but also take care of ourselves, prepare a delicious and he althy dinner, watch a good movie, go to a workout, everything again, movement is he alth.


And suddenly we look around, realize it's past midnight. We go to the bathroom, look in the mirror and see dark circles around the eyes. In the morning, they are still there, and as time goes by, the condition of our skin gets worse and worse.

What is my wish?

I want to look in the mirror and see a confident woman who doesn't need layers of makeup to hide the signs of premature aging.I want my skin to have no traces of my exhaustion and transgressions during the day. I want to not see the uneven texture and fine lines. I even less want to see the bags under my eyes with dark circles around them.


After my last meeting with friends, I learned that one of them uses Avène's A-Oxitive anti-aging series - an effective solution to fight the first signs of aging. I saw this on my girlfriend's face. Her skin looked smooth, radiant, with a fresher and more radiant complexion. I asked her if she had any procedures done. And she replied that she has been using A-Oxitive for several weeks morning and night.


I thought I love the city I live in. I also love my work, an active lifestyle is part of me. I can't give them up, even though I know they sometimes harm my skin.So I decided to trust Avène. The A-Oxitive series was developed just for people like me who are subjected to daily oxidative stress. The solution to this problem lies in the provitamins and carefully selected ingredients in this cosmetic line.

I chose to trust the series A-Oxitive Avène because it is suitable for all skin types, it has soothing and softening properties, thanks to the Avène thermal water contained in the formulas. A-Oxitive fights oxidative stress and limits the appearance of the first signs of aging. Contains the indispensable antioxidants for the skin - in the form of Provitamins C and E - a revolutionary form that is absorbed and absorbed by the skin more efficiently.

Now I can rest easy knowing that I have a solid support in the fight against aging. I won't have to give up the lifestyle I love. I can continue to feed my skin from the inside with he althy foods rich in vitamins, but I can also give them to my skin from the outside.

And proper skin care, apart from using the right products, is also based on several important things:

  • We must not forget that tight, wrinkle-free skin needs very good hydration Drink more fluids, emphasizing water, vegetable and fruit juices, and limiting alcohol, sugary and carbonated drinks. They cause inflammation in the skin and are a prerequisite for the appearance of early signs of aging.
  • Add more beneficial fatty acids to your diet. The best sources of omega-3 fatty acids are fatty fish, avocados, olive oil, seafood, olives, flaxseeds, nuts. Fatty acids are of great importance for the elasticity, density and nourished appearance of the skin.
  • Eat rich abundance of vitamins and minerals Include more vegetables, fruits, whole grains rich in antioxidantsVitamins C, A and E are among the most powerful antioxidants, stimulating the synthesis and absorption of collagen - so important for the prevention of the early appearance of wrinkles.
  • Don't forget to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays all year round. Apply sunscreen not only on the beach, but also in your daily life, even in winter.

Choose carefully the beauty and skin care products that meet your high demands

And the best part is that Avène will also take care of the next stages of my life with the PhysioLift and DermAbsolu series designed for women 36-45 and 46+

The series has a special formula enriched with two types of hyaluronic acid, important in every stage of women's lives. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, the skin is dense, vibrant, elastic and tight, and wrinkles are invisible. The result is restored comfort and natural volume.

After the age of 45, the challenges facing our skin become even greater. Cellular senescence and its relationship with tissue inflammation have a huge impact on aging processes and their acceleration. External environmental factors can enhance these processes. The DermAbsolu series takes care of brightening, giving more volume to the skin, restoring its density and shaping the contour of the face.

Now I can look at myself in the mirror with a smile without being afraid of what I will see in the reflection.

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