What is the most hygienic way to dry your hands?

What is the most hygienic way to dry your hands?
What is the most hygienic way to dry your hands?

In the conditions of the ever-growing pandemic, we have all realized how critically important it is to wash our hands often and to do it precisely, not like before. We need to wash our hands with antibacterial soap and warm water, rubbing all surfaces of the hands for at least 20 seconds to kill virusesand bacteria on the skin

However, we forget that drying hands is no less important than washing them.

Leaving water on the skin and waiting for it to evaporate naturally may give a false sense of freshness, but this habit actually creates conditions forto breed bacteria, viruses sticking to water droplets on hands and eventually can lead to infectionThis applies not only to the coronavirus, but to all known viruses and pathogens.

After washing hands, it is vital to dry them properly to minimize the risk of virus particles being transferred via water droplets on the skin to the face. This is recommended by doctors at St. John's He alth Center in Providence, Santa Monica, California, quoted by rd.com. According to them, bacteria are very easily transferred through the water droplets on the skin to the face, even after the water evaporates.

The three most common ways to dry hands are with a hair dryer, with a terry towel or cotton towel, or with disposable paper towels.

Mayo Clinic research shows that the best and safest way to protect your hands from re-infection is to dry them thoroughly with paper towels that you don't reuse.

Using towels retains moisture on the fabric of the cloth, which also poses an increased risk of breeding viruses and bacteria, and re-infection with them the next time you use them.

Using hand dryers is also not recommended as they trap water splashes and larger droplets that can cause re-infection. In addition, the air stream of hair dryers is very strong, which causes the potentially infected water droplets to be scattered on the surrounding objects that someone can touch and become infected.

That is why it is safest and most hygienic to use paper towels. Wipe your hands with them or with tissues to throw away immediately.

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