How to choose the right mascara brush

How to choose the right mascara brush
How to choose the right mascara brush

The mascara is available in different shapes, textures, colors. The brushes with which it is applied are also different. It is very important to choose the right mascara brush that will serve you according to the needs of your eyelashes. Some brushes are designed for volume, others for length, curls or a combination of many functions. Both the shape and materials of the application brushes make a difference to how the mascara will sit on your lashes and what shape it will give them.

See what the functions of different mascara brush shapes are. This will help you in your next choice.

Flat brush with uniform length and thickness throughout

Such brushes are designed for volume. This brush shape is the most convenient to use. The mascara applies easily and the finish has fantastic volume. It is suitable for looser eyelashes that need density and saturation. The flat, equally thick brush helps to apply from the base to the tip of the lashes more easily.

Curved Brush

The curved brush is designed to curl the eyelashes. When applied, it helps you to give a beautiful curl, so you don't have to use an additional curling device that can damage the eyelashes, break them and break them.

Thin and long brush

This kind of brush is used to add more length to the eyelashes. It is suitable for shorter eyelashes that need optical extension. The thin brush is also convenient because it reduces the risk of leaving stains on the skin when applying, which are then difficult to clean.


Short Brush

The short brush is designed for more precise application of the mascara. Thanks to its short length, it helps to apply the mascara evenly, including at the corners of the eye, where the eyelashes are shorter, which creates conditions for smudging the surrounding makeup and the eyelids.

Squeezed in the middle brush

Crushed in the middle brushes are designed for both volume and length. They allow you to reach every short hair of the eyelashes, but at the same time give enough density and length to each hair.

Thin at the tip, thick at the base

The blade-like brushes with thin tip and thick base are designed for even more dramatic volume and precise application. This brush shape facilitates the traditional horizontal application of mascara, reaching all short hairs without the risk of smudging.

Comb-like brush

This brush is designed to easily apply the mascara and comb the lashes at the same time, so that there are no areas of mascara build-up, balls and clumped hairs.

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