Wash your hands instantly if you touch these 10 things

Wash your hands instantly if you touch these 10 things
Wash your hands instantly if you touch these 10 things

Hand washing is of utmost importance in limiting any infections and viral infections including infection, as well as all remaining known pathogens that infect us several times every year.

To protect your he alth and that of your loved ones, you need to wash your hands 10 or more times a day. However, if you touch any of the following surfaces, it is recommended that you wash your hands immediately, at the moment, because the probability of touching a large amount of pathogens is much greater.


Our life is directly related to money. We touch them several times a day. We even touch surfaces that previously had money on them without knowing it. In this way, we transfer billions of bacteria to the skin of our hands, and from there to our entire body, especially the face, which is the gateway to almost all infections. If you touch money, wash your hands immediately afterwards.

Handles (of doors, public transport), railings, bells, light switches

These are some of the places that, in terms of public use, are extremely saturated with viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. Touching them can infect you.

Menus in restaurants

Imagine how many people a day touch a menu and flip through it before washing their hands. After touching a menu at a restaurant and selecting an order, wash your hands immediately before touching your face and belongings.

Almost everything at your doctor's office

Before you, another patient sat in your place, and before him another, and so on all day. Disinfection of surfaces in medical offices cannot be done after every patient. So wash your hands after visiting the doctor, and try not to touch your face beforehand.


Even if you touch and pet your pet, wash your hands afterwards. Dangerous pathogens and microorganisms that can make you sick live on the fur of animals and on their paws, muzzles and skin.


Telephones, smartphones, tablets, laptops are carriers of billions of bacteria. They are an ideal environment for their development, so wash your hands after touching them. Disinfect them regularly to reduce the risk of infection.

Chopping boards and sponges for washing

Chopping boards are also a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, especially if meat is cut on them and not washed properly.

Pens that are not yours

Foreign pens, or even worse, public pens in various establishments and offices, are the last thing you should touch. They are saturated with a huge number of pathogens, and if you do have to use them, wash immediately.

Soap dispenser

It's nice to have a place to wash, but then what? Touching a soap dispenser intended for public use, in an establishment for example, carries a risk of infection. So rub the entire surface of your hands, including your wrists, for at least 20 seconds to kill bacteria.

Everything at the airport

If you are flying you will probably need to spend at least 2 hours at the airport. That means you can touch a lot of things there. Whatever you touch, wash your hands as soon as possible. Almost every object in the airport is covered with numerous pathogens and microorganisms.

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