Why can't I keep the men I like?

Why can't I keep the men I like?
Why can't I keep the men I like?

When a love relationship doesn't work out for us, we always have a lot of questions we're looking for answers to. However, when we are left with the feeling that after every relationship that fails to develop into a lasting partnership we experience the same thing, we begin to blame ourselves as we search for answers.

Today in our column "What troubles you in love?" life coach and matchmaker Eva Kuleva answers a question of a lady who is looking for an explanation of a question that probably worries others women in similar situations to hers.

Question: How come I can never attract and keep the men I like? Because of this, I was forced to choose an unsuitable man for me, as I had many disappointments and failed relationships.Isn't it a matter of personal qualities and why after men initially like me, they end up breaking up with me, and only men who I don't like fall in love with me. What's wrong with me?

Eva Kuleva: I understand why you feel frustrated. You're fine. The reasons for not being able to keep the men you like are, in my opinion, twofold. One is that you probably like the wrong men for you - men who don't have serious intentions or don't appreciate you. That's why I suggest that before starting a relationship with a man, make sure that he has serious intentions and that he appreciates you as you are.

The other reason is your attitude, which is a victim attitude. You claim that you were "forced" to choose the wrong man. And I assure you that you were not forced. It was your choice. At the time, you thought it was the best decision for you because you were discouraged, maybe even desperate. And when we feel that way, we don't make the best decisions.

I suggest you work on your self-belief - to believe that you deserve a man who values ​​you and who you value and like. And to believe that you can attract, choose and keep such a man. I believe that everything is in our hands, more precisely in our vibration. There is always a way to make what we want happen, and in more ways than one. It's a matter of faith, attitude, authenticity and skills. And these things can be acquired, most easily with the help of a specialist.

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