Makeup ideas for autumn

Makeup ideas for autumn
Makeup ideas for autumn

With the change of seasons comes the desire to change something about ourselves and the way we look. This is how we will prepare for the new urban regime, full of responsibilities and obligations. Different outfits, a bag suitable for autumn… What else can we add? Appropriate makeup, of course! We've looked at the trends for fall and selected a few that you can incorporate into your makeup routine. Here they are:

Makeup that is not noticeable

This trend was leading in the summer and continues to dominate in the fall. Ideal for the working urban environment as well as for weekends spent at the seaside or in the mountains. Apply sunscreen, then make-up base. Forget thick, covering and matting foundations and concealers.Instead, opt for lighter, brightening formulas that will leave your face glowing and radiant. The goal is to make the skin look fresh, young and hydrated. Apply your favorite product, blend well, add a very light blush (can also be in a liquid formula), a layer of mascara. Finish with a product designed to set makeup.

Creamy products

Undoubtedly, cream formulas are preferred by almost all makeup artists in autumn. The comeback of this type of products is due to the fact that they make the skin look shiny, moist, full of life. You can achieve this effect only if you use blush, bronzer or highlighter in a liquid formula. Leave the powdery products aside and enjoy the freshness and purity your skin will radiate this autumn.

Graphic eyeliner in black, with a bright accent

There is hardly a time when eyeliner is not in fashion. This time, however, it is voluminous, shaping the eyes to resemble a graphic structure.To make the overall look more intriguing, we can add a colorful, even neon accent to it. This will go very well with clothes in matching shades. If you are of the opinion that autumn should be colorful - this is your trend.

Matte lips and eyes

According to experts in the field, the trend for a cleaner skin look is best combined with lips and eyes in matte shades. No matter what you choose - red or nude, the matte finish is an absolute must! When we talk about the eyes - you can choose variants of violet - lilac, pastel purple or eggplant.

Thick eyebrows

This trend continues to remind itself in the new season as well. The eyebrows are thick and fluffy, as close as possible to their natural appearance. The goal is to achieve this without a pencil, using an eyebrow pomade to achieve it.


Vinyl Lips

Think of your lips as a mirror – so glossy that you can see your reflection in them. Yes – that's what vinyl lipstick lips are like. Megan Fox is a star fan of this trend, and Gwen Stefani recently released a lipstick she titled "Liquid Vinyl".

Gothic style

Here the eyes and lips are painted in dark colors - black, smoky, dark raspberry, ripe eggplant. If you are a fan of the "dark side", this trend is for you - you can boldly combine the shades, paying homage to the gothic style and the era of the '90s and Marilyn Manson.

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