Ten ways to wear a shirt

Ten ways to wear a shirt
Ten ways to wear a shirt

When we talk about classic clothes, we all think of the little black dress, jeans or jacket. Is there another garment we should list alongside them? Of course - the list can become quite long, but now we will talk about a blouse without which every woman's wardrobe will look empty, namely - the shirt. The absolute classic remains the white shirt, but you can diversify with other neutral colors - gray, black, beige, nude… Bet on any shade as long as you have this fashion jewel, which this year has returned as a fashion trend in full force. So - you have a shirt. How can you diversify wearing it?

We offer you ten ways in which you can do this. Who are they?

Tie the shirt in the front

This style is suitable for warmer days. Put on your shirt, buttoning it only around the bust. Grab the bottom ends and tie in the front. Pair with jeans, trousers, skirt or shorts.


Open back

This way of wearing is suitable if you have a more elegant shirt, made of fine fabric. Wear it backwards – let the buttons go to the back. Tie the ends and do not fasten. A very pleasant, slightly extravagant effect is obtained - with a bare back.

Short inverted version

Again, the shirt must be worn inside out. Fasten the top buttons to the middle. Hem the shirt in the front, tucking the remaining fabric underneath (depending on how short you want the shirt to be), and tie at the back.

Party Style

This way of wearing your shirt can be used if you have a sudden invitation to a party and are wondering what to wear.Put on the shirt with the buttons at the back, do not button, but tie the lower two ends of the garment at the back. Loosen tightly around the collar and pull down to the shoulders. You will have a spectacular outfit, with a bare back and shoulders, if you combine it with jeans or trousers, with high or low shoes.


Put on the shirt, then pull out one sleeve so it goes under the arm. Fasten several buttons on the shirt, leaving the last buttons unfastened. Take the opposite end and tie it together with the free sleeve. Hem on one side, and on the other - tuck into the pants. You will get an asymmetrical effect - one shoulder is bare, and a small part of your waist is visible.


Start buttoning the shirt from the bust level without putting on the sleeves. You can tie them in the front and use them for a ribbon. Tuck the rest of the shirt into the pants, or let it fall freely.

One shoulder

Put on the shirt as you normally would, only loosen it so that one shoulder is bare. Turn the shirt sleeve this way. You can also tuck the hair to one side, matching with a spectacular earring.

Shirt under the sweater

We've seen this trend in fall clothing - choose a short sleeveless sweater and wear your favorite shirt underneath.


With two bare shoulders

Fold the shirt collar inward and pull it down so that both of your shoulders are exposed. This style is suitable for pairing with a bright, voluminous piece of jewelry - a necklace or necklace.

Pair with jacket

No matter the color of the jacket, the shirt is the perfect complement to it. Pair boldly with both light and darker tones.

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