Why do friendships break up?

Why do friendships break up?
Why do friendships break up?

Throughout our life we ​​meet different people, with some of them we create friendships. Friendships, like people, are different. Time and situations test a person, and so do the relationships between them.

There are those who are friends for the rest of their lives. Strong bonds where people can understand each other with just a look and wouldn't give up. But there are friendships of varying duration that eventually fall apart.


People change, so do friendships

This is one of the leading reasons why some friendships break even after 15-20 years. Even if you got along with the person in question, each of you has grown as a person, experienced life changes, your paths diverge.If your lives are drastically different, there is nothing to connect you anymore.

Everyone has lost a friend because they have changed as a person, they have responsibilities in life. It also somewhat distanced us from keeping in touch over the years. Breaking up with a friend doesn't necessarily have to happen after a conflict, often there isn't even one.

You no longer have shared interests

In the school and youth years, we create our friendships based on common interests. It can even turn out to be our closest friends at a certain stage of our lives. But when shared interests, hobbies disappear, friendships can also fall apart. It loses its meaning if you don't have something else in common with this person. When you have no points of contact and common interests, you lose attention to each other. You may meet occasionally for coffee, but this will be your good acquaintance, not your friend.

Yours was just a casual friendship

We all have those friends that we wouldn't consider friends if they didn't turn out to be friends of our friends, colleagues, relatives or our new colleague at work, university.In most cases, such casual friendships are with people who pass through our lives. We call them friends because we see them every day or sometimes we go out to have fun together.

The relationship with them is usually not very strong, but they may turn out at some stage in your life to be reliable enough in a matter for which you need their assistance. But when the circumstances that brought you together disappear, so does your friendship. If you stop working together, for example, you'll probably stop having a relationship.

You are far apart

These days, living far away from someone shouldn't be a problem to be friends. But friendship is not just about being able to talk to someone on the phone or communicate through social networks. It's important to be able to do things together.

Distance, especially if there is also a time zone difference, will at some point make your communication more complicated.Also in some cases you think you might be paying them a visit or counting on them bringing you a little something you ordered, only to have the other party suddenly stop being so accommodating.


Betrayal is something that unfortunately happens all too often in friendships, even those that started in our childhood years. You can try to make things right, forgive if a friend betrayed you, but the relationship will never be the same. People will always make mistakes, but intrigue is a matter of choice, it is betrayal.

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