Tricks to extend the life of clothes

Tricks to extend the life of clothes
Tricks to extend the life of clothes

Clothes are something we can't live without. We constantly have to buy new ones because the old ones get old, their colors fade or their fabrics get damaged. In recent decades, however, this overconsumption of clothing has become one of the leading factors in environmental pollution. We often don't realize how many clothes we buy and throw away unnecessarily. Some do it because they get tired of their clothes and want something new. Others do not take proper care of their clothes and shorten their lives.

Learning to take proper care of your clothes will prolong their life. It will also save you money. Overspending on clothes is a big feather in the budget, and if you haven't realized it by now, it's time to pay attention.

Here are some clever tricks to extend the life of your clothes.

1. Buy better quality clothes

Quality clothes are made of nice fabrics that are durable, don't stretch, and don't lose their colors so easily. They have a longer period of use, which will save you money. If you buy mostly cheap and low-quality clothes, it gives you a false sense that you don't spend much on clothes.

2. Wash less often

It sounds strange not to wash your clothes and it goes against hygiene understandings. You would probably balk at this advice, but the truth is that not every garment gets dirty quickly. Wash wisely and judge which type of garment needs washing and which can wait. For example, denim clothes don't get dirty as quickly. You don't need to wash them after one wear. You can do it after 3-4 coats. The same goes for thick blouses and sweaters. If a garment seems dirty, wash it by hand.Maximize machine wash periods.

3. Smart Laundry

Don't wash all clothes in the same way. Read labels carefully and sort clothes before washing. Use less hot water. It is preferable to wash with lukewarm or cold water. Fasten all zippers and fasteners on clothes before putting them in the washing machine. Use mild and non-aggressive detergents.

4. Allow clothes to air dry

Dryers are a time-saving convenience, but they can damage clothes. They work at high temperatures to evaporate the water from the clothes in the fastest way, and this damages the fabrics, crumples them, shrinks them, disturbs their colors. Dry clothes mostly in air.

5. Store clothes properly in the wardrobe

It may not seem important to you, but the storage of your clothes is also important to their longevity. Read the labels on this occasion as well.If it says on the garment that it should be folded on a shelf and not on a hanger, do it. Wool sweaters and cotton blouses, for example, stretch if they hang on a hanger for a long time. It shortens their life.

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