Trick for sanitizing cutting boards

Trick for sanitizing cutting boards
Trick for sanitizing cutting boards

The cutting board is among the most used kitchen tools. Without it, we cannot cut vegetables, fruits, meat and all other products with which we prepare our favorite dishes. And because the cutting board is used so often, sharp knife shards remain on it, and food remains in them.

No matter how thoroughly we wash the board, there are always particles left in these grooves that can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Bacteria can survive on any surface and under any conditions. They are resistant which makes them very dangerous.

One touch of the contaminated surface and then the mouth or swallowing of food that is raw and that has been cooked on the contaminated cutting board is enough and you are exposed to potential infections.

How to disinfect the cutting board so that it is safe to use?

Here's a cool trick for this purpose.

1. Rinse the board of the residue. Soak a microfiber cloth in vinegar. Wipe the board thoroughly to remove all traces of food. Vinegar will not only disinfect the board, but also remove bad odors from it.

2. Spray the board with hydrogen peroxide. Spread everywhere with a clean cloth. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse. This is an additional security protection against microorganisms.

3. To deodorize and scent your cutting board, sprinkle sea s alt and let sit for a few hours to absorb bad odors. Then spray liberally with lemon juice and scrub with a dish sponge.

The acid of the lemon juice and the abrasiveness of the s alt will remove the hard residue, flavor and make the board as good as new.

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