Mistakes when washing stains that ruin clothes

Mistakes when washing stains that ruin clothes
Mistakes when washing stains that ruin clothes

Washing clothes is not an easy task at all. Many things can go wrong, which not only deteriorates the texture and colors of fabrics, but also leaves stains on them unwashed. To prevent your clothes from getting stained after washing, avoid the following mistakes.

You're not acting fast enough

The longer you let the stain dry on the fabric, the more difficult and impossible it becomes to wash it out. Even if you use the right preparations and a high temperature afterwards, the probability of its removal decreases significantly. When removing stains, time is of the essence. The faster you act, the greater the chance to save your garment from stubborn stains such as coffee, red wine, blood, olive oil.

Not rinsing with the proper water temperature

Warm water is more effective in washing stains from clothes. However, cold water is better at dealing with stubborn stains such as blood, mud, grease, for example. To make sure you wash the stain well, test a few times with cold water before washing the entire garment with warm.

You put the garment in the dryer too early

In the dryer, clothes are dried at high temperatures. This seals in poorly washed stains instead of removing them. To avoid this, check the clothes for stains after washing. If they are not removed, wash again. Only then dry in the dryer.

You do not pretest

Before using any stain remover, harsh, color damaging or outright bleach, test on a spot you won't regret, even if it gets ruined. Do not apply directly to the stain before making sure the detergent will not damage your garment.

You rub the stain

As a rule of thumb, most stains require vigorous scrubbing. Do not resort to this if you are not sure that the fabric will not be damaged. In some cases, the stains are spread around by rubbing, which makes things even worse. It is best to massage in circular motions or treat it with absorbent motions.

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