We honor Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sofia

We honor Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sofia
We honor Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sofia

On this day, the Orthodox Church honors the holy martyrs Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sofia.

Sofia was a devout Christian. Her name means "wisdom". She was a widow and despite her difficult life, she always did good deeds. Sofia gave birth to three daughters, whom she named Faith, Hope and Love, and whom she raised in love for the Christian faith. The girls grew in kindness and wisdom.

They loved to read, spent long hours in prayer and did good deeds. Sofia's daughters were not only wise, but also very beautiful. Word of them quickly spread and reached Emperor Hadrian. A ruler who did not profess the Christian faith and prayed to other gods.He ordered the girls and their mother to be called to see their wisdom and beauty.

When he realized that they were strong believers and righteous, he tried to offer them many boons so that they would renounce their faith. Faith, Hope and Love refused to obey Adrian's will. The ruler subjected them to cruel tortures, from which they emerged unscathed. Finally the sisters were cut down.

Their mother Sophia collected their bodies and buried them with all honors. Today is also declared a holiday of the city of Sofia. According to folk traditions, ritual breads are kneaded for the holiday, which are distributed along with fruits.

Everyone who bears the names Sofia, Sofka, Vira, Verka, Vera, Nadezhda, Nadia, Lyubov, Lyuben, Lyubomir, Lyubka and others have an opportunity to treat themselves.

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