Jennifer Lopez's beauty secrets

Jennifer Lopez's beauty secrets
Jennifer Lopez's beauty secrets

Born on June 24, 1969 in the Bronx, New York, Jennifer Lopez has long been more than just an ordinary girl from the neighborhood. Actress, singer, dancer, producer, designer, entrepreneur - these are just some of her roles in life. Untamed, wild, rebellious - a woman in the full sense of the word, she never ceases to surprise us with the energy, positivity and beauty she radiates.

Mrs. Affleck is about to turn 53, but hardly anyone would give her more than 35. Her ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez recently called her in an interview "The most talented person I know." It's no secret that Jennifer is a workaholic-perfectionist who likes to nail everything down to the smallest detail. This exactingness she carries over to the way she looks.Gene, endless hours in the gym, dancing or magic? We all wonder what Jennifer Lopez-Affleck owes her flawless looks and youth to. We do some quick research and here's what we find the Latin Fury shares:

Her main drink is… water

“You ask me what I drink? The answer is: water, water and more water. This was shared by the actress in an interview with a famous TV host. The secret to supple skin, shiny hair and a radiant complexion is so simple – good hydration. It will make your body reborn! There is no exact formula for the right amount of water - the maxim: "The more, the more" applies here. Two, three or four liters - enjoy this he althy drink that will make you feel young and vibrant, and will also suppress hunger and make you feel fuller for longer.

Always have something to eat in your handbag

It has happened to all of us - we feel hungry, but instead of satisfying it, we give priority to work tasks.Time passes and dinner time is imperceptibly approaching - then we pounce like beasts on whatever food comes our way… To prevent this situation, we can take an example from Mrs. Affleck - she says that there is always something he althy and delicious in your handbag – for example – a protein bar or a packet of nuts. Snacking on something like this between meals will save you from feeling "dog hungry" later in the evening.


Skin's best friend is sunscreen

Jennifer Lopez has said more than once that even when she was younger, she found out about the damage of the sun on the skin and that is why she avoids sunbathing. If she still decides to enjoy the weather outside, she should do so after applying plenty of sunscreen. In this way, she preserves the elasticity and beauty of not only her skin, but also her hair.

Alcohol is taboo

The Latina does not consume alcohol in any form and there is no occasion that would make her break this rule of hers." When I was little, my mother used to say - "Whoever drinks or takes drugs - dies" - that's why I never I started using neither.'' Whether it's at a birthday party or the launch of a new fashion line, Ms. Affleck is never seen even sipping from a glass of alcoholic beverage.


Jennifer does not take caffeine in any form

“Coffee and caffeinated drinks really dry out the skin too much,” says the singer. She doesn't drink coffee or any energy drinks as she believes they dehydrate us and make us look older, giving our skin a shriveled look. Who are we to argue with her opinion?!

Sleep is one of the secrets of her beauty

Jennifer Lopez does not hide that she always tries to get enough sleep - at least eight-nine hours. In this way, she recharges for the grueling performances. "Nice and quality sleep helps me balance my crazy regime," the singer shares.


The secret to her perfect body?

We all wonder what the freshness and youth that Lopez radiates is due to. Endless workouts at the gym? No! "I never do the same thing. When we talk about training, the secret is variety.'' But she takes them very seriously.” Another fitness expert she trusts says she works out 4-5 times a week, for about an hour. In addition to special training in the gym and at home, another important part of taking care of her body is dancing."Sometimes I dance 7-8 hours a day, but when I do, I forget about the time and I don't make dancing part of my training regimen," says Jennifer Lopez-Affleck.

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