On holiday without cash - is it possible?

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On holiday without cash - is it possible?
On holiday without cash - is it possible?

“Money is to be managed, not served.” – Seneca

I love inspirational quotes like this great thought by Seneca because they remind us how we could improve our current situation. When it comes to finances, earning and managing them, everyone has their own perspective.

Some people move with the dynamics of time and modern technology, while for others standing in the familiar is safe and comfortable. The truth is that sooner or later the second type of personality will have to step out of their comfort zone to enter another zone that will provide them with twice as much comfort, even if they don't know it.What do I want to say? Here is an example.

My friends and I like to do things challenges It's fun and we reinvent ourselves, learn something new from each other, get out of our comfort zone. We've been playing the cashless game lately. I'm the type of user who prefers not to carry cash on me or if I do, it's mostly a minimal amount, while some of my friends don't even want to hear about a mobile wallet or paying for products or services through it, with your debit or credit card, online.

The good thing is that I enjoy the support of a few more friends who, like me, prefer their wallets to be compact and not have coins jingling in them, as well as no crumpled banknotes.

As a young and dynamic person, I like to travel, take short or long trips at home and abroad. I am accompanied by my friends, of course, the "traditionalists" with cash and the others with cashless payment.


How does a cashless vacation happen and is it possible to spend the entire vacation with only digital payments?

This is one of the summer challenges (and not only summer ones), our little prank game with my friends. The answer is simple - yes! Because I have a latest generation mobile wallet.

It sounds complicated, but it's not. I call it my invisible wallet because it's in my phone. I pay with it quickly and conveniently, I also have a digital card, and when my styling allows it, I like to wear a smartwatch and then I don't even need my mobile phone to pay, because everything happens with the watch. Of course, I keep a plastic debit and credit card in my wallet.

Well, it's time to pay for our trip with our friends and here's challenge one. I pay cashless, people with cash - you guessed it. I saved myself a lot of time and driving to travel agency offices.

We are on our way and before we leave, friends with cash always make us stop by a certain ATM of their bank to withdraw money for our trip. Sometimes the ATM doesn't have enough cash or it's broken, which forces us to go around until we find a working machine, and of course, it's a bit annoying and annoying… So far, it can be said that I and the rest of the cashless payment company are leading the game.

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We arrive at the sea

It's time to have fun, buy souvenirs, go to the beach, relax.

Next challenge - we're going to the beach and my cash friends will either forget their wallet or have to hide it so that even they can't find it. And it even turned out that one of them forgot to take his bank card for payment, since he mostly pays in cash, it is not always in his wallet.

My money is in my phone and even if I haven't taken the physical payment cards, I will use my mobile wallet quickly, easily and without problems without counting coins or converting currencies.

On day three of our week long vacation, people with cash had their money down drastically. Some bought themselves some goodies, others were too generous with their tips at the bar… Oh, and let's not forget about the cash friend with no money at sea.

No problem, they're my friends, while I'm lounging with a cocktail on the beach I send them some money from my account in seconds. The others with the cashless payment are also involved in saving our friends. You can even say that we feel like heroes.

Image Image

There were more funny situations from buying a public transport ticket with a card, to paying for drinks at the bar, ice cream at a stall. We rented a yacht for a day, went diving. And we were able to pay all this completely digitally, without any problem.


One of the rare occasions where cash was a must and only payment option was for the delicious corn on the beach. Then the friends with the cash accounted for each other and treated themselves to a corn each, as it required cash payment there.


Actually, come to think of it, there were only two places we had to pay in cash – for the corn on the beach and to taste the amazing street food. She still has to be "sponsored" by some friend with cash, but only there.

And who knows, next year when we come back, the street food vendors may have also equipped themselves with digital payment devices. No wonder.

Image Image

And although this was our challenge, which was supposed to push us out of our comfort zone, we actually showed our friends how convenient it is to pay cashless where this option is available. And this is almost everywhere.


Emotions and challenges for our company do not stop because we are planning our new journey at the beginning of autumn. The good thing is that some of our cash friends have already decided to try the convenience of digital payments and will now join the game with Postbank and Mastercard rewards.

Who wins prizes while shopping, keep reading.

As you can see, my friends and I love to have fun and we love to win. So we regularly monitor for games where people who pay without cash have an advantage.

For example, in the period from September 1 to November 30 we participate in the promotional campaign of Postbank and Mastercard with more than 10 prizes because we pay with debit and credit cards or wallet.

Mark your calendar September 1 - November 30. You need at least 10 Mastercard debit or credit card payments in this campaign period to be automatically entered into the prize draw.

Those of you who will only pay with a wallet (wallet; mobile wallet) can participate in winning 1 of 3 tourist vouchers worth BGN 2,000.

I almost forgot about the small prizes, which are 100 vouchers of BGN 100 each from Emag.

Cruel, isn't it?

As I started my story at the beginning - it is wisdom to learn how to manage your money, not to be a slave to it.

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