5 Things That Will Ruin Your Job Interview

5 Things That Will Ruin Your Job Interview
5 Things That Will Ruin Your Job Interview

In order for your job interview to be successful, you must first of all be calm, balanced and very confident. It is necessary to radiate security and conviction in your own capabilities without appearing too self-confident and arrogant. Showing overconfidence is definitely not a red dot for you.

In order to leave a good impression, it is also important not to make some mistakes during the interview for a job, because this can interrupt your path to the desired position. See what blunders you shouldn't make during a job interview.

Don't be late

Even being slightly late for a job interview makes a bad impression.This act will immediately be interpreted as disrespect and even as an inability to meet the set deadlines. Even if this is not the case, the first impression will have already been made and you may not even be given a chance to prove otherwise. Always allow time in which you can handle any obstacles along the way so that you arrive a little early before the appointed meeting.

Don't go unprepared

In order to make a good impression, it is good to prepare in advance for the interview to which you are invited. Get to know the company, its history, its characteristics and the activities it develops. This way you'll definitely stand out and not make a bad impression if you're asked a company-related question that you don't know how to answer.

Also prepare yourself by answering some frequently asked job interview questions. Think about how you would answer them so you don't fall into an awkward silence during the conversation.

Don't go empty-handed

Even if you sent your CV by email, carry a hard copy with you. The probability that the interviewer will not have a copy of your biography in front of him is high, because the selection of documents may have been done by another specialist before. Always be prepared to offer your professional resume during an interview. If you also have a portfolio of creations created by you in some field, bring them also in the form of a creative presentation. This is definitely a plus for you.

Don't talk directly about money

Of course, money, pay and benefits are a major factor when choosing a new job, but there is a time for them. Don't bring it up in the first interview. If there is a second interview or phone call at a later stage, take advantage of this moment. If the interviewer himself brings up the topic, you will naturally answer the questions asked or ask your own. Be as honest and discreet as possible.

Don't forget to send feedback

It makes an extremely good impression when you leave some kind of feedback after the meeting, for example an email thanking you for being invited to the meeting and that you had a great time. Do not forget to emphasize that you are looking forward to the results of the interview, especially if you really want to start working at the company in question.

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