5 Reasons Overtime Isn't Helping Your Career

5 Reasons Overtime Isn't Helping Your Career
5 Reasons Overtime Isn't Helping Your Career

In order to earn good money and achieve success in your career, you need to work hard as much as possible. Many people think so, but research says otherwise. The more overtime you work, the more unproductive you are, which hinders both your career and your physical and mental he alth. Your boss will be pleased, of course, but it won't bring you the benefits you dream of, on the contrary.

Here are the reasons that show why you don't need to waste too much at work and that will help you realize how to properly channel your professional energy instead of wasting it.

Working overtime actually reduces productivity

You may believe that working more hours than the established working hours will help you get more work done, but this is not true. It's even the opposite. Research shows that the longer hours a person works, the less creative, successful and productive they become. There's a reason we work 8 hours a day, and it's not by accident. In some professions, even 8 hours is too much, especially in areas where creative inspiration is needed.

After a few hours of work, the brain begins to turn off some of its abilities, such as concentration, creative thinking, helpfulness of memory, ability to react quickly. This interferes with work and impairs the achievement of results.

Working long hours after hours is bad for mental he alth

In addition to making you unproductive, overtime also interferes with your normal emotional and mental state.This is due to the accumulation of high levels of stress in the body, affecting your mental he alth, self-esteem, self-esteem, work and personal life satisfaction. This whole combination of factors leads to impaired job performance and feelings of failure.

You will not get rich

It is rare that overtime is properly paid. Even if that is the case, this fact does not compensate for the missed time, accumulated stress, lack of social and personal life and unfinished personal commitments. The bottom line is that you're actually even at a loss.

Your personal life will suffer

It is definitely very difficult to reconcile a long working day with a fulfilling personal life. It's simple - 24 hours is not enough for that. There is a high probability that you neglect your friends, your loved ones, your partner, even your children if you have a family. That way you won't be complete in any field.

You are at risk of deteriorating he alth

The body cannot withstand high levels of stress for too long. Stress increases the risk of various diseases, some of which are significantly dangerous for general he alth.

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