How to save remotely during a crisis?

How to save remotely during a crisis?
How to save remotely during a crisis?

With signals of an impending crisis, each of us asks ourselves whether we have enough funds saved to withstand this unforeseen situation. And if not, then he starts thinking about how to save. But now is hardly the right time to save on not using a personal car and travel by subway, or to look for a higher paying job. However, it is always the right moment for each of us to adopt a certain model of financial discipline, determine our income, expenses, make a budget, as well as determine how much we can set aside each month for the purpose of saving or investing.

Saving in the form of a deposit does not bring income in the conditions of still low interest rates.

At the same time, investing a large amount in the capital markets carries the risk of choosing the right time to invest. For this reason, we ask whether there is something in the middle between the two options that is affordable for every investor.

Looking at the products on the Bulgarian capital market, we came across a number of schemes for regular savings. Regular investment in a mutual fund gives advantages for several reasons: first, it is not associated with large sums, each investor allocates as much as he can; secondly, investing in the capital market through mutual funds allows small amounts of exposure to a very well-diversified portfolio that, with an optimized level of risk, allows for long-term growth; thirdly, the capital markets are the first to react when there is inflation and the set aside funds will not simply be "eaten by inflation over time" and last but not least, with a regular installment there is no need to choose an exact time to invest because it is done over a precise period of time, for example every month and so is not significantly affected by periods of market decline.

We will present to you the product of Concord Asset Management - "EXCELLENT Financial Plan" (FFP).It is an alternative form of savings – a product for regularly investing equal amounts every month in three of the company's contract funds, which have a different risk profile: balanced, high-risk and low-risk. The client can invest in only one or all funds. The product is suitable for individuals, corporate and institutional customers. Investors have the option of paying the monthly installments online using the e-Pay system, with no subscription and redemption fees. This makes EXCELLENT Financial Plan a unique product of its kind that does not oblige investors to maintain an account in a bank specified by the management company.

"Our product is attractive because it is available to every investor," commented Natalia Petrova, executive director of Concord Asset Management. "In the current environment, everyone is looking for an opportunity to invest quickly, easily and remotely, and we have automated the entire investment process, and it is not necessary for the client to come to our office every month.We use a web-based platform and once the investor becomes our client and gets access rights, he can place orders through. By choosing that he wants his monthly contribution to be automatically transferred to the selected fund or funds, we start looking after his investment. “

The minimum contribution for the EXCELLENT Financial Plan product is BGN 50, in order to make it accessible to investors. The client himself chooses a date of the month, a fund in which to invest, fixes an amount according to his capabilities and indicates his bank account.

„ We have made a second interactive training for the product EXCELLENT Financial Plan, which is freely available from our website. Investors can take a detailed look at the benefits of this type of investment. This training is sort of a follow-up to the Mutual Funds Module 1 we released last year, which explains the basics every mutual fund investor needs to know. Module 1 is also available on our website, as well as on our YouTube channel "How to invest", added Nataliya Petrova."It is important that investors are informed. This type of investment carries a high degree of liquidity because the funds accumulated in the mutual funds can be redeemed in whole or in part at any time without disrupting the EXCELLENT Financial Plan product model. The profit from them is not taxed, and historically for the last 10 years, our funds show about 2.5% return every year under a similar investment scheme."

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