What to do if you want a promotion at work?

What to do if you want a promotion at work?
What to do if you want a promotion at work?

The beginning of each year is the moment when we take stock and tell ourselves that we deserve more. For dreamers who are not satisfied with a monotonous job, but wish to rise in the hierarchy, build a career and gain valuable experience, a salary increase is not satisfactory. They want to upgrade their skills day by day, and their efforts are rewarded with promotion and more responsibilities.

If you're the type of person who can't accept the fact that they just have a job, see what you need to do to get promoted sooner.

It's never too early to get promoted

Many people are afraid to show their desire for a promotion because they think it is too early. If you believe in your skills and that you deserve a promotion, show it. It's never too early.

Reflect on your recent achievements

Systematize what you have achieved over a period of time. The commitments you have made and the successes they have led to are good padding for your portfolio. They are a valid reason for a promotion to ask your direct boss.

Learn what the promotion criteria are

Every company has its own hierarchical structure according to which there is an opportunity for growth. If you want to move up the career ladder or want to try changing your job position at the same company, find out what criteria you need to meet in order to have the confidence to ask for a promotion.

Take a test

After you have already learned the criteria according to which a promotion is achieved in the company, do an independent analysis and test of the skills you possess. Check if you meet these criteria. Be completely honest with yourself to be objective too.

Make the necessary connections and friendships

In many cases it is not enough to meet all the criteria. You need someone with a suitable position in the company to recommend you for a promotion. Cultivate these kinds of connections with colleagues because you never know who might help you achieve your goals.

Consider a conversation with your boss

Your line manager has the best view of your work. If the situation allows it, talk to him. Tell him about your career goals and dreams. Do it if you think he can help you. Having such difficult conversations is challenging, but it builds the confidence and courage you will need.

Don't give up

Even if you've tried before without success, don't give up on the promotion if it's what you really want. Sometimes rejections or not being offered a raise aren't just due to your efforts. Also consider a plan B to act on.

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