10 is a sign that you urgently need a new job

10 is a sign that you urgently need a new job
10 is a sign that you urgently need a new job

They say that a person should change their workplace every 5 years or so. It's he althy to do it to avoid accumulating stress, dissatisfaction, and to challenge ourselves for new horizons.

Very often, however, people prefer to stay in their comfort zone where they feel safe. They prefer to stay, toiling and hating their job more and more every day, but preferring it because they know every step of the work process.

Staying in your comfort zone is not good for your he alth, your psyche, or your professional improvement.

That's why look for signs that you urgently need a new job and don't be afraid to try!

1. You are already thinking about finding a new job. You don't seriously consider it, but thoughts of change definitely cross your mind for a number of reasons. Once you've thought so and so, do it.

2. Your conversations with loved ones constantly revolve around your dissatisfaction with work. Problems at work often can't leave your mind, even after you've left work. You complain, recounting all the adversities and problems at work from the day. These are all signs that your time there is up. It harms you.

3. You often dream of retirement or a long vacation. Wish you could win the lottery, go to an island for a few months, and shake off your problems and headaches.

4. Your sleep is disturbed. Daily worries at work cause restlessness and anxiety, which affects sleep. You wake up tired and cranky.

5. You have a constant headache, you feel stressed. In all likelihood, this condition is due to dissatisfaction and problems at work. Every day we spend most of the day at work, which contributes to the deterioration of he alth.

6. You increase your use of cigarettes and alcohol. Often a person does not realize how he reaches for vices when he has problems at work. Nervousness makes you smoke more or have more than one drink in the evening to unwind.

7. You have an appetite disturbance. Some people experience a lack of appetite. Others combat stress and nervousness by overeating. If you notice that you have such fluctuations in your appetite, think first about whether you feel good at work, and then whether you are suffering from another problem.

8. You dread Monday coming. Your enthusiasm for work has apparently already evaporated. You go to work with displeasure. You hate Sunday night because after it comes Monday morning and hell repeats itself. Change jobs.

9. You are less productive than before. You have no desire, no motivation, you get distracted. You are not useful to yourself or the company. Check back for new offers.

10. You argue more and more often with colleagues and with your boss. This is a clear sign that you can no longer tolerate them. If you change the environment and people you will feel better. Even your he alth problems will decrease.

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