This picture shows your hidden fears

This picture shows your hidden fears
This picture shows your hidden fears

Each of us has fears of different kinds. So, for example, the fear of insects is different from the one we experience in relation to love, solving problems. Even if we don't suspect it, we may have hidden fears.

They somehow affect our lives negatively, so it is good to reveal and solve them. We share a quiz with a picture. What's the first thing you notice about her? It will reveal your hidden fears.


If the first thing you saw was the image of a baby girl, you probably have a lot of repressed emotions from your childhood. This could be trauma from early childhood or even prenatal phase, during pregnancy, childbirth or at the very beginning of life.The bond with the mother is critical to emotional development.


The butterfly is a symbol to which many meanings are attributed. According to dream interpreters, bright and colorful butterflies are a sign of hope, a new event in life, happiness and a prosperous stage of life.

The dark butterfly with bright wing marks is associated with a missed opportunity that you did not know about or considered not useful for you. Some cultures associate butterflies with carrying the soul of the dead to the afterlife.

If in this picture you noticed the butterfly first, you may need to find your spiritual path. You may also be afraid of death or have lost trust in someone.


The strawberry is located in the center of the picture. Big, beautiful, unrealistic. But it symbolizes the heart and love. According to one legend, Venus could not stop weeping for the mortal Adonis. From each of her tears that fell, a strawberry was created.

In case this is the first image you've seen, maybe your hidden fears are related to your love relationship endingor that you are in love with the wrong person or someone who does not reciprocate your love.

These fears drive people to create short-lived relationships. They are related to complex relationships with one of the parents in childhood, but also the parents' relationship with each other.

Two trees

If the first thing you saw in the picture were the two trees, then you probably still have fears related to a problem, a quarrel that you have not resolved.

Tree trunks symbolize your roots and in this case form a kind of bridge between them. You think that disputes can only be resolved by asking someone for help.

And maybe it really could help you find new perspectives on these stressful situations and find a way out of them.

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