What you need to know about blue eyes?

What you need to know about blue eyes?
What you need to know about blue eyes?

What do Jennifer Lawrence, Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Gerard Butler have in common? These celebrities are definitely attractive, but what unites them under a common denominator is their blue eyes. If eyes are a window to a person's soul, see what you need to know about blue eyes.

Blue eyes were formed centuries ago as a result of a mutation. People who own them are tolerant, but sometimes they can be quite short-tempered.

Men with blue eyes find blue-eyed women more attractive. Interestingly, studies show that men with blue eyes are very attracted to women who share their eye color. Scientists suggest that this may be an evolutionary and unconscious reflex to bond with women who share their physical characteristics.Blue-eyed men are a bit secretive, but passionate and in most cases calm natures.

When it comes to relationships, blue eyes are caring lovers who strive to always please their partner. They could create long-lasting love relationships, but they require the person they love to be completely devoted to them. Flirting is no stranger to them.

Most blue-eyed people are sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Genetically, they have less melanin than people with darker eyes, which also means that blue eyes are more sensitive to light.

According to studies, people with blue eyes are more prone to alcohol abuse.

There is another risk for them. Blue eyes are more likely to develop a skin condition known as vitiligo. This leads to loss of pigmentation and the appearance of spots in random places all over the body. Vitiligo is believed to be a type of autoimmune disorder.

According to a study conducted in 1987, children with blue eyes had slower reflexes when participating in games such as football, baseball, basketball and boxing than those with brown eyes.

If you can boast of blue eyes, pay attention to your blood sugar levels. Just as blue eyes can be more sensitive to light, Italian researchers have found that blue-eyed people are 12% more likely to develop diabetes. The same goes for some other chronic diseases.

You may also be at greater risk of skin cancer. This is due to the melanin deficiency mentioned above. Lower melanin levels make you more susceptible to melanoma, also known as skin cancer.

Blues are better at strategic thinking. Studies show that blue-eyed people outperform others, especially in activities that require independent action, whether they're running a marathon or defending a thesis. They are also extroverts and careerists.

They bear pain more easily. A study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh found that during childbirth, blue-eyed ladies tolerate pain more easily than dark-eyed women.

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