What should we part with before the next birthday?

What should we part with before the next birthday?
What should we part with before the next birthday?

As each birthday approaches, we take stock of our lives. We set goals, some we manage to achieve, some we don't. It's as if we're less likely to get rid of the unnecessary from our lives. If your holiday is coming up, see what's good to get rid of before it and start clean.

1. Let the thought "It's too late…" go away. It's never too late. Plan, work hard and believe in your dreams. Forget about time.

2. Let worries about the future go. Buddha said, “Concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Control what you can and seek the happy future.

3. Let envy go. Envy and jealousy are toxic thoughts. Don't poison yourself with them.

4. Leave anger in the past. Seek resolution for any unresolved anger. Meditation works great.

5. Say "Stop!" to excuses. We all find excuses for one thing or another. Excuses often get in the way, so let them go.


6. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. Be adventurous, honest and polite. When you combine these three things, you'll have no problem speaking your mind.

7. Free yourself from financial worries. We all need money to live. If you have an income, a roof over your head and food - you are doing well. Don't let money dictate your life.

8. Don't give stress a chance. Stress in small amounts can be good for your motivation. Unnecessary stress can become chronic, so it's time to get rid of it.

9. Don't try to change people. Especially those who show no interest and effort.

10. Let the feeling of having to be someone else go. Personal responsibility is part of maturity. Unfortunately, we don't all learn this lesson, sooner or later. But personal responsibility also means freedom. Discover freedom and make your plans come true, not someone else's.

11. Don't allow yourself to avoid your problems. As with procrastination, avoiding your problems doesn't solve them, it makes them worse. This leaves you unsatisfied and hard to move on.

12. Let the regret go.Marlon Brando said, "Regret is useless." Count those good things you have achieved, experienced. And do you know that sometimes not having something happen to you that you regret is very lucky?

13. Let the empty expectations of someone's love go. Everyone deserves to receive love. Let go of empty expectations and don't focus on those who don't value you as a person. They don't deserve your love.

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