How to make a sling for our baby?

How to make a sling for our baby?
How to make a sling for our baby?

The appearance of a new family member is a great joy. However, with it comes many responsibilities. We learn on the fly how to adequately care for our little heir, how to choose the best for him and what approach to rearing to choose.

In the past we have heard recommendations that we should not carry the baby in our arms or be constantly close to it. However, we now know that skin-to-skin contact is vital for newborns. The feeling that mom and dad are close makes the baby feel protected and helps to adapt well to the new regime and lifestyle. The so-called "attachment parenting" is increasingly being practiced - a parenting method in which parents do not hesitate to respond to their baby's every need without thinking that he is manipulating them.Another feature of this approach is closeness with the child - especially during the first 3 months of its birth - the so-called "fourth trimester" of pregnancy. We can enjoy the contact with the little man without worrying that too much cuddling will "spoil him" - at this stage of his development he is too young to talk about such a thing.

However, the wonderful feeling of carrying the little fairy creature can be marred by the discomfort and fatigue in the hands. Here comes the sling.

What is it? In short, it is a scarf-like piece of fabric that allows the baby to be worn in different positions. Its weight is distributed evenly on both shoulders and spine, which prevents excess tension. Another advantage is that the baby can take a comfortable physiological position in which it can stay even for several hours, during which mom will have her hands free. How to get a sling? We can always buy, but why not save tens of leva and make it yourself at home? Here's how we can do that.

We will need:

  • two pieces of fabric (choose elastic, soft material) measuring – 60 cm wide and 2.30 m long;
  • needle and thread or sewing machine.

Turn the two pieces of fabric facing each other. Sew along the width. Keep in mind that there will be some stretch, so choose an appropriate seam. If using a sewing machine, sew in a zigzag pattern. You don't need to sew the edges of the fabric as it will roll up by itself.

Place the middle of the two pieces (where the seam is) around the waist. Intertwine the two ends so that a hick (X) is formed at the back. The remaining part is braided again (forming an X again) and tucked under the part that is on the belly. Wrap the remaining fabric around the waist and your sling is ready! Put your baby (or child) in the desired position and enjoy your closeness with each other!

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