Powerful stones for protection

Powerful stones for protection
Powerful stones for protection

Since ancient times, people have worn amulets, talismans, for good luck. Today, we continue to believe that certain objects have positive vibrations that help us at certain times or have the invisible power to protect us from negativity. These are the various stones and crystals that we most often wear in the form of jewelry, in our bag, wallet or decorate our home. Each stone has its own vibrations. See which ones you can use for protection.

For protection in severe disputes

Everyone has moments in their life when they go through difficult emotional periods saturated with quarrels, disappointments, feeling afraid of what is happening.Then depending on whether these events are provoked by a person, negative energy accumulates around us, blocking everything positive.

In such moments, we can rely on the protective powers of black tourmaline, which has the ability not only to repel negative energy, but also to attract positive energy to our energy field.

Black obsidian is believed to help with depressed moods,and rose quartz helps achieve inner peace and more love in life.

To strengthen your limits and inner strength

Then you need pyrite,which can be used effectively in combination with black tourmaline. Pyrite is a beautiful crystal that is believed to help block negative energy. It is especially suitable for wearing by people who need to overcome their fears, establish boundaries and increase their confidence. Pyrite helps us when we are in a period of imbalance in our work or relationships.

For home protection

Our home also needs protection, but it is important what stones we choose for this purpose and where we place them. Smoky quartz or black tourmaline can be decorated near the front door of the home, which also increases the vibrations of the other stones with which it is nearby. These two stones are suitable for decoration in other rooms of the home, and each time you place them you set your positive wishes.

To protect against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation

Suitable stones for this purpose are galena, which is believed to attract fame and success. Every day we are surrounded by all kinds of devices emitting electromagnetic radiation, so it is good to decorate this beautiful stone near them. Another option for protection are black tourmaline, shungite.

It is important to clean the stones. Once you have purchased them do this with soap and water as by the time they get to you they have been touched by many people and from a hygienic point of view it is important to clean them.When you have had a difficult period, you can place stones for about 1 minute under running water. Water neutralizes negative energy. The stones can also be charged during the full moon by placing them in a bowl on the windowsill/balcony.

If you have a singing bowl, its sound vibration can also energize your crystals.

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