The biggest mistakes when cooking zucchini

The biggest mistakes when cooking zucchini
The biggest mistakes when cooking zucchini

Zucchini are one of the freshest and he althiest summer vegetables. Very low in calories, yet so rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, they are a wonderful addition to any diet and nutritional regime with all their beneficial properties. But many mistakes can be made during their preparation, which not only spoil their taste, but also destroy their texture, take away their useful substances.

What are the most common zucchini cooking mistakes to avoid?

Cooking zucchini on low heat for a long time

Some foods become tastier, more tender and juicy when cooked on low heat for a long time. It is the same with meat, with onions, but not with zucchini.With them, it is just the opposite - the faster and on high heat they are cooked, the better. In this way, the zucchini retain their texture, fiber, vitamins, minerals, water and crunch, but at the same time they soften and acquire a wonderful taste. If you cook them long, they will become mushy.

Overcooking the Zucchini

Because they contain large amounts of water, zucchini do not need to be boiled or roasted. On the contrary – they need a short time to be completely ready for consumption. The longer you cook them, the more they lose their flavor and nutritional qualities and properties.

Don't eat fresh zucchini

If you've been avoiding eating raw zucchini until now, it's time to change that bad habit. Raw zucchini is crunchy, juicy, wonderful. They are rich in so many nutrients that your body will be able to absorb without heat treatment, which means that you will enjoy them in their full variety.

Don't drain the zucchini

Zucchini is very rich in water. It can damage the texture of your dishes if not drained beforehand. To do this, do not forget to soak the zucchini in s alt, then rinse and squeeze them thoroughly. This technique is a must, especially if you are cooking zucchini meatballs or zucchini baked goods. If you don't do this, you run the risk of the dishes and baked goods not turning out for you.

White Zucchini

All nutrients and fiber are found in the skin of zucchini. A significantly smaller portion is in their core. If you want to get them, do not peel the zucchini, but eat them with the skin.

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