Am I pregnant - signs

Am I pregnant - signs
Am I pregnant - signs

Am I pregnant - many girls ask themselves this question even if their period is only a day late. Nerves are high - in some cases due to unwanted pregnancy, in others - the opposite - due to a great desire to get pregnant. Motherhood is a gift from God. But how to recognize it in the early days, before it's time for a pregnancy test. Here are some main signs:

Late period, lack of period - pregnancy is possible, but the delay may be due to something else, it is best to visit a gynecologist if there is a delay of more than a week.

Nausea and nausea, especially in the morning hours.

Drowsiness – all the time, lack of tone and desire to sleep.

Tense breasts and chest discomfort.

Breast enlargement parallel with tension.

Frequent urination.

Skin changes, appearance of dark spots, tired skin.

Change (most often decrease) in sexual desire (libido).

In color pregnancy even if you have a period the rest of the signs should be present - so if you have doubts, check for the presence of the above possible inconveniences in the first three months of the pregnancy

In any case, even if you have even the slightest doubt whether you are pregnant - start taking folic acid and see a gynecologist, so you will immediately dispel your doubts.

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