25 little things that make us happy

25 little things that make us happy
25 little things that make us happy

What is that little thing that makes you smile, feel good? Maybe it's a bowl of popcorn, lying around until lunch, the smell of the sea, etc. Everyone can name at least 10 such small things that we rarely think about that fill our day with more happiness.

We share 25 smiles that maybe you will recognize yourself in.

1. To feel the sun on your face.

2. When someone says "Thank you" or a stranger helps us, give us a kind gesture.

3. Find a coin.

4. The feeling of lightness after taking a shower.

5. A cup of freshly brewed coffee, tea, cappuccino.

6. The scent of cut grass.

7. The feeling that a piece of chocolate gives us that melts in our mouth.

8. That moment when we talk or play with the pet.


9. Feeling like it's Friday.

10. Relaxing massage, after a warm bath.

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11. The rainbow in the sky, and if it's double the feeling is even more incredible.

12. When we do sports.

13. Swimming is sea, lake or pool.

14. The aroma of a book just bought.

15. The taste of a glass of fine wine.

16. The scent we feel after a spring/summer rain.

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17. Sleeping in new sheets.

18. To watch your favorite movie/series.

19. The beautiful spring-summer sky, incredibly blue with here and there white clouds.

20. The time that is just for you.

21. The kind of laughter that brings tears to our eyes and makes our stomachs hurt.

22. The taste of our favorite food that we have prepared ourselves.

23. That moment when we are cuddled up with our beloved on the sofa.

24. When we donate or help someone in need.

25. When we find "forgotten" money in the bag, jeans, jacket.

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