The Parable of the Mirror

The Parable of the Mirror
The Parable of the Mirror

Love is fire! But just like him, it needs something to fuel it so it doesn't go out. Each of us is looking for that formula that will make him forever happy with his loved one. Sometimes our plans change, our wishes don't come true.

And we look for the blame somewhere else, but not in ourselves. Today we share an instructive story that will remind you what love needs.

The Parable of the Mirror

A young woman complained to her mother:

– Mom, I can't be with my husband anymore. He has changed so much. He stopped understanding me, doesn't respect my opinion, insults me. Maybe he doesn't love me anymore.

– How about you? Do you respect him, do you respect him? Do you think you understand it? – asked the mother.

– Now you start too! said the daughter. – If my husband is angry, I can't, right? And if it affects me, I can't affect him, right? And when he doesn't understand me, why should I?

– Well then, daughter, don't expect miracles. You are like a mirror that repeats your husband's mistakes. But unlike a mirror, a woman can reflect not only what she sees, but what is not visible at first glance in a man.

If the woman is good, then the man will try to be kind. If a woman reflects respect, her man will start too. If a woman reflects love, her man will love her.

A woman should help her man see his good qualities.

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