Keep your bouquets fresh longer

Keep your bouquets fresh longer
Keep your bouquets fresh longer

Every lady has received beautiful flowers on different occasions. Beauty brightens their home and brings a wonderful mood, but there comes a time when they begin to wither.

To postpone this moment in time there are a few tricks that will make your flowers stay fresh longer.

It's not enough to put them in water and hope they last longer.

Make sure the vase in which you put the flowers is sufficiently well cleaned. If there are bacteria left over from the previous bouquet, they can damage the new flowers and make them rot faster.

Put the bouquet immediately in water. The longer you wait, the sooner it will wither.

Don't fill water up to the edge of the vase - flowers also absorb liquid through their stems. This will make them rot.

Make sure none of the leaves are submerged in water. Leaves are necessary for plants to breathe, and submerging them prevents this.

Cut the stems at the bottom at a 45 degree angle so they can take in enough quality water.

Don't put too many flowers in one vase - it suffocates them and prevents the petals from getting enough air.

– pour a teaspoon of sugar into the water. It nourishes and makes the flowers live longer after they are plucked.

Soft drinks do a similar job. You can put some cola in the water.

Two tablespoons of apple cidert mixed with a spoonful of sugar is a great liquid fertilizer that will nourish your flowers for at least another week.

Vodka plays the role of water disinfectant. If microorganisms have begun to multiply in the water, it immediately counters this process without negatively affecting the flowers.

Aspirin has a vodka-like effect. Crush 3-4 tablets in the water and you will see for yourself how much longer the cut flowers become.

Honey has antibacterial properties and kills bacteria while nourishing plants with necessary sugars and keeping them fresh.

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