The mistakes of novice gardeners

The mistakes of novice gardeners
The mistakes of novice gardeners

Taking care of a garden, growing flowers, fruits and vegetables is a responsible job that requires attention and diligence. You can't expect to just poke a few seeds into the soil and in a month or two be reaping the fruits of your "labor" just like that. Before that, you need to make sure that your garden is dug up and treated properly. Watch out for the following possible mistakes gardening beginners make:

They overdo the water

Many enthusiasts think that plants need a lot of water. Yes but no! Before you start watering the crops in question that you plan to grow, find out exactly how much water they need to grow normally and whether you will be over-watering.You can ask at any florist or garden shop.

Trying to sow foreign crops

The first possible case of failure in your attempt as a gardener is to try to grow a crop that does not grow on our lands and is not compatible with our soil and climate. Of course, there are cultures for which adaptation will not be a problem, but again, ask a specialist and check on the Internet.


More fertilization is not always better

There are times when over-fertilizing can have a detrimental effect on your plants. For example, if you fertilize your tomatoes with fish emulsion, they will grow beautiful green plants, but not tomatoes. Be careful what you fertilize with and in what quantity.

Greed of the Gardener

You see in your neighbor's garden that there is a new beautiful flower. Oh, and one more thing, and another thing, and you wish you could plant everything in your garden to keep up.Yes, but it will play a bad joke on you, because not all plants can coexist together, depending on the height and space they occupy. Be mindful of the space you have and be innovative. Before long, the neighbors will be looking with envy at what flower they can steal from you.

Kill all insects and pests

Young gardeners think, "The good insect is the dead one," but it's not true. There are good and bad insects in every environment. Some of them can indeed be dangerous to plants, but others are harmless or even stimulate the development of your garden crops. Do not seek to kill all living things, it is not in your interest.

Cluttered Garden

It is a big and serious mistake if you think that a replanted garden is something useful for you. Besides your overtiredness as a negative effect, I'll add that plants can't breathe and grow normally if they're surrounded by other crops.Give them room to grow peacefully and they will thank you properly.

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