Full moon in Pisces on September 10 – we should not rush

Full moon in Pisces on September 10 – we should not rush
Full moon in Pisces on September 10 – we should not rush

In the new month of September, an interesting full moon awaits us on the 10th - in the sign of Pisces. Its energy is hidden, nebulous, or perhaps simply indescribable. This full moon occurs exactly one day after Mercury has gone retrograde. This also creates a strong cosmic energy that can feel chaotic and confusing. It is possible that some people feel more tense, restless, do not know in which direction to proceed.

Now is the time to free ourselves from the waterfall of thoughts, from trying to make sense of everything in our lives. Chances are, the answers or direction you're looking for won't come from thinking things through, but from feeling them. When we leave everything for a moment and allow the heart to feel as well, then we will be oriented in the right direction.

The full moon in Pisces can bring to the fore past issues, old wounds, or things we've been afraid to look at. Attempts to control or force events will not work under this energy of this full moon. Instead, we should let things happen without our intervention.


The full moon in Pisces also brings energy that helps heighten our intuition. Mars, the planet of action and energy, also activates in this lunar event, which can make us darker, sensitive, touchy.

Mars energy can also be fickle, pushy, make accidents more likely and make decisions too tense, so be careful not to fall into these patterns of thinking and acting. But the energy around the full moon in Pisces reminds us to take our time, listen and find our stillness.

As we know, Pisces is the last of the 12 zodiac signs and represents the end of a cycle. This full moon can bring an end or climax to a cycle we are working on.

For example - it's time to collect the fruits of our labor, close a project we've been working on. The universe will be generous with us.

The moon will illuminate our needs. The moment is suitable for emotional and physical release. Let's make some positive small changes in our appearance, shed our old skin.

It will be important to guard against conflicts in love, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't express our opinions.

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