He alth benefits of gardening

He alth benefits of gardening
He alth benefits of gardening

Maintaining, planting plants, caring for them and generally creating a pleasant place where you are surrounded by nature has so many he alth benefits that it is worth gardening as often as possible. If you haven't started a garden yet, whether in the yard or on the balcony, see why it's a he althy choice.

Gardening improves self-esteem

Keeping a garden boosts self-esteem because dealing with nature, planting, growing and harvesting the fruits of your labor makes you feel capable and active. Even if you do not grow fruits and vegetables, but only flowers, their abundant flowering is also the fruit of your efforts, which makes you smile and be satisfied with yourself.

Gardening is good for the heart

suggests movement, effort, bending, standing, physical activity that stimulates the heart, balances blood pressure and is essentially a useful cardio workout.

Gardening reduces stress

When you are surrounded by nature that you personally take care of, it makes you think away from all the problems of your daily life and relax after a stressful day at work. Gardening reduces levels of stress hormones, increases feelings of happiness and satisfaction, especially if you achieve your goals.

Gardening makes you happy

Maintaining a garden not only reduces stress, but also stimulates the secretion of happy hormones that counteract cortisol. It makes your mood great and makes your smile shine on your face.

Gardening provides you with vitamin D

Spending time outdoors in the sun while tending to your plants provides you with a he althy dose of naturally synthesized vitamin D that your body needs.

Gardening also helps in losing weight

This is so for several reasons. Gardening encourages you to move more. The sweet tiredness you feel after an active day spent in the garden makes you eat dinner earlier, which is a useful habit in weight management. And if you grow fruits and vegetables, harvesting and eating what you produce provides you with an incredible explosion of vitamins and minerals from the organically pure foods you have produced for yourself and your family.

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