9 phrases that intelligent people don't use in conversation

9 phrases that intelligent people don't use in conversation
9 phrases that intelligent people don't use in conversation

Words often carry more weight than actions. Sometimes we say things we shouldn't without realizing that people can get hurt. Since we would like to be perceived as intelligent and interesting individuals it is good to avoid 9 phrases in conversation. See which ones.

“You look tired”

A phrase that was directed at us and which we definitely did not like to hear. These words do nothing but make someone feel worse. If your intentions are to hurt someone you don't like, you would probably show them that with these words.

But when you claim to be an intelligent person and want others to perceive you as such, don't use the relevant phrase.

“Always” or “You never”

These two phrases usually express anger or insult someone. Instead of creating drama, act like an intelligent person and find a more diplomatic way to deal with the issue at hand.

It's not fair

We all know that life is not a bed of roses. It's normal to sometimes share, to complain, but we usually do this in front of those closest to us. Smart people skip this phrase when they have a conversation with colleagues, partners, acquaintances. They know that constant complaining wouldn't go down well and won't solve the situation.


“For your age…”

Surely someone has addressed this phrase to you as well. "For your age you are very smart.", "For your age you look good, you are getting younger.". If your desire is to compliment someone, you are wrong.Find another way to show your admiration, just like smart people who don't use these phrases.

With all respect

In most cases, this phrase is not followed by anything respectful. A smart person will never use this phrase to facilitate a conversation. You can only use this phrase in friendly company when you are joking and having fun.

Like I said before

Everyone forgets things from time to time. By saying this phrase to someone, you're showing annoyance or offense at the fact that that person doesn't remember what you've already told them that you have to repeat. When you have to repeat things and the other side doesn't understand, think about how to change the situation, how to be clearer, but not hostile.

Told you so

Neither you nor anyone else would want to hear that phrase. This is very immature and can only be used to make someone else feel worse. A wise man is never proud, even if he is right.

I don't care

When someone asked you something or said something to you, you should never respond with this phrase because they care about your opinion.

“I Surrender”

When you feel like you can't go on or you're offended by someone, never give up out loud. Think and do not show your momentary impotence. Better to use the phrase "I can think about it" or another phrase that gives you time to think about how to proceed. Even the most successful individuals do not always have a solution to all complex cases.

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