5 things to do for your plants besides watering them

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5 things to do for your plants besides watering them
5 things to do for your plants besides watering them

Sometimes plants at home die no matter how hard you try to follow watering guidelines. Maybe that's the problem - watering isn't the only care your flowers, trees or ornamental plants need. You need to pay attention to some more details that are usually important for plants.

Spray them

When starting to grow a new plant, always find out if it needs additional moisture supply through spraying or evaporation. Some plants originate from geographical areas with high humidity and require large amounts of moisture to thrive.

Remove dry leaves

As soon as you notice dry dead leaves on your plants, remove them. Thus, you help the plant not to spend energy and resources to nourish these leaves, but stimulate it to produce new ones and grow more. Be careful not to tear off live tissue from the plant along with the dry leaves. It is preferable to use scissors.

Feed the plants

Some plants need additional soil enrichment. Others require periodic fertilization with mineral fertilizers or manure. You need to be aware of what your flowers need and supply it to them when needed. Watering is not enough. Some plants prefer not to be fertilized at all. For them, the addition of fertilizers can even be harmful.

Dust them

Just like any surface in the home, dust accumulates on your plants. Wipe their leaves from time to time, as this helps them absorb light rays better and at the same time emit oxygen.

Check for pests

Pests are not always noticeable. They become visible only when signs of suffering or disease begin to appear on the plant. Therefore, regularly check the underside of the leaves as well as the base of the stems. Very often insects hide their eggs there.

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