What happens in the body when you drink coffee every day

What happens in the body when you drink coffee every day
What happens in the body when you drink coffee every day

Millions of people around the world drink. Some drink several glasses a day. Caffeine has its positive and negative he alth properties. If you drink, it will take its toll on your body. This is what happens in the body when we drink coffee every day.

The risk of cancer may be reduced

Coffee has active substances and antioxidants in large quantities that fight the harmful and potentially he alth-threatening influence of free radicals. They can trigger inflammation, chronic diseases, cancer.Drinking a cup of coffee every day could reduce your chances of developing a dangerous disease thanks to the antioxidants in the black drink. Coffee also reduces the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the nervous system, has a diuretic effect, which also positively affects the urinary system.

Enhances mood

Caffeine affects the brain. It has been associated with positive effects on the nervous system, including improved alertness, concentration, memory and a better overall mood after a cup of coffee.

Improves memory and concentration

One positive effect of coffee is improving alertness, attention, concentration and overall mood. The cheerfulness that coffee induces makes the brain work better. Caffeine increases our performance for up to 24 hours after taking it. It helps store and classify memories in long-term memory.

You can become physically tough

Caffeine has the property of improving physical performance during exercise. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning before exercise can improve your athletic performance, make you more durable and more focused during exercise.

Coffee can negatively affect your daily life if it is in large quantities

Just because coffee has positive effects thanks to its antioxidants doesn't mean you can drink as much as you want. In excessive amounts, caffeine has quite negative effects on he alth and the body. Among them are restless sleep, anxiety, panic, insomnia and difficulty falling asleep, caffeine addiction. To avoid these negative effects, you should not drink more than 1-2 cups of coffee per day.

May raise cholesterol

Another negative effect of large amounts of caffeine is the possible increase in cholesterol levels.If you drink your coffee strong, like espresso or French press coffee, it's much more caffeinated than if it's brewed through a filter, for example. Strong coffee in large quantities causes an increase in lipoprotein levels in the blood, which leads to an increase in cholesterol levels.

Blood pressure may also increase

Blood pressure values ​​can also increase if you drink too much strong coffee a day. It is usually a temporary condition that subsides quickly and does not cause long-term hypertensive crises, even less so in people who do not suffer from this disease.

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